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    north attleboro, mass
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    sr office assistant (means diddly squat!)
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  1. lizc

    Circular Afghan

    beautiful! i'm sure it wil become a family heirloom
  2. North Attleboro, 'bout 15 minutes north of Prov, RI - lived in dorchester most of my life till i moved here in '99
  3. i must have started 7-8 clothes this morning and them all. i should really just stick to the two patterns i like and stop trying new ones~
  4. i too am from the coldness of MA you'll love it here
  5. nice! i so cannot do rounds! pull my hair out every time i frog one!
  6. ok, promised pictures and today i come thru lets see if i can do this!
  7. i believe the SC is a single crochet - not single chain sounds like one single crochet and one double crochet done in the same stitch
  8. i have maroonish color one that you can have pm me your address
  9. hi everyone! i know have completed since this cal started 6 dish clothes and 2 potholders i will try to post pic:photo tomorrow i've tried a couple of round ones and cant get past the first couple rounds. think i'll stay with what i know
  10. nice. thanks for sharing pattern
  11. i've been making dish clothes and potholder for christmas since november and i have lots of cotton! i'll be popping in and out i recently even made with tunisian stitch (afghan)! first time ever!
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