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  1. littlecrocheter


    Nevermind figured it out! rnd 2: ch 3 (counts as 1 dc now and throughout). 1 dc in same st as ch. 2 dc in ea st. sl st to join. (32) rnd 3: ch 3. [1 dc. 2 dc in next st.] rep around. sl st to join. (48) *stop to check gauge* rnd 4: ch 3. [2 dc. 2 dc in next st.] rep around. sl st to join. (64) rnd 5: ch 3. [3 dc. 2 dc in next st.] rep around. sl st to join. (80) This is the pattern Im workig on! not sure exactly what they want me to do in the [ ] I understand rnd 2 because that explains itself. I think I even got rnd 3 I did 1dc in on st and than 2dc in the next all around! Is that right? I came out with 48 at the end. If that is right than rnd 4 is confusing how would I end up with 64 if I 2dc in each st around! Here is the website if you need more info on the pattern! http://www.gleefulthings.com/blog/?p=640
  2. Maybe its just me than!! All the people that tried the pattern it turned out really cute for them!! Maybe I just messed up some stitches!
  3. I was making a pair of booties and it was a right handed pattern usually I dont even think about it and just do it! But this time it turned out funny looking! Im convinced it was because im a lefty!!
  4. littlecrocheter


    So Im a lefty trying to make a righty pattern! How would I make the pattern so it turns out for me?
  5. Thanks ya all for your help!!! I was able to figure it out! But need to practice this stitch a bit! Thanks again!
  6. My pattern says (dc2tog)twice, dc3tog, (dc2tog)3 times, chain 2 turn. not sure what that means for me not to do. Can someone explain this to me please? Thanks! Im working on a pair of booties. Im on the "toe part" here is the whole instructions for the toe part R1. Toe pointing to you, along right side at pin stitch, insert hook through the loop behind the back loop. Pull through yarn. Ch 2, dc next st through the loop behind the back loop. Keep working through the loop behind the back loop. (dc2tog)twice, dc3tog, (dc2tog)3 times, chain 2 turn. R2. dc6tog, cut yarn leaving a good size tail (20cm?) Pull yarn through last loop and tighten. Thread tail onto yarn needle and sew through the last set of gathered loops just made. Pull tight again, weave in ends.
  7. Wedding Afghan for one of my dearest friends! http://i369.photobucket.com/albums/o...8/SANY0166.jpg
  8. I am looking for a simple 1 up mushroom pattern I dont mind purchasing it if needed! Thanks to anyone who can help!!
  9. Im only 22 and my hand will ache sooo bad sometimes it even swells!! It makes me sad when it starts aching because I know I have to rest but Im so addicted I usually dont hence the swelling!!
  10. Left handed for everything except when it comes to using scissors!!!
  11. I also was intrested in the train pattern for my nephew!! I bought the magazine and now the pattern is on my lists of afghans to complete before christmas!! But yours looks amazing!! I too also like the graph better than the original!! Great job!!
  12. Oh yay!! That sounds so cute and fun!!! Deff cant wait for more clues!!
  13. I actually am completeing my first graph ghan right now!! I dont really have a favorite stitch nor do I have one that I dont like... I dont however know how to do the puff stitch! Is it hard??
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