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  1. Sue, Looking at the date of this post, you have probably already started your chair set. Wanted to let you know the Best 6 cord did NOT have 500 yds, but only 350. The six cord was more expensive to make, hence less yardage than the standard 3-ply.
  2. I've cleaned several vintage tablecloths for people who bring them into the LYS. I've had luck with Ivory Snow and Soak. With Soak you don't have to rinse it. I always fill the bathtub just enough to cover the cloth with my oxyclean and Ivory Snow or Soak already dissolved in there. As far as stains, Oxyclean usually works, but on two occasions, it's not done a thing. If your tablecloth is cream, the oxyclean will whiten it. It won't be cream any more. It doesn't seem to bother colors or ecru tho', which I think is strange. When you take it out of the tub, carry it rolled in a towel so
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