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  1. Have you seen the kit Herrschner's has?
  2. Wow, I had no idea. Sounds unanimous. Thanks for the info.
  3. Nancy, this is a totally different concept from what I've always been taught. I'll be anxious to try it on my next graph project!
  4. I've never sold at a craft fair, but have been asked to do so this fall. Do I need to get a tax ID # and charge sales tax? I've always reported cash sales on my income tax, but I don't know about this other. What are the rules about that? Also, do most of you guys take credit cards? That would be such a hassle.
  5. Does ANYBODY happen to have one skein of #102 Soft Pink? Dye lot #0243-021 would be wonderful! I might can get by with a partial skein, not sure.
  6. crochetrae

    Blanket Yarn?

    I agree about the Wool Ease pilling. I used to use it exclusively until years later I saw blankets I had given away to family. They look like trash. I currently use Vanna's Choice. Still Lion Brand, so we'll see if it pills after time.
  7. You mean instead of 3 in the corner st, put 2, 2 and 2?
  8. I decided to edge a baby blanket with alternating fpdc/bpdc. But when I come to a corner, I don't know what to do. Do I bpdc, fpdc, bpdc all around the center st? Or don't post at all in the corners? I'm baffled. I hope someone can help.
  9. Mary, I figured that suggestion would come up. I probably could reverse engineer it, but I prefer not to. I know it's a copyrighted pattern and I don't feel comfortable making my own version of it. But thanks for trying to help!
  10. Kathy, it was definitely a necklace pattern.
  11. Hey All, I made this necklace some time around 2008-2009. Now I need to make several more in the next two weeks. I have searched many hours and have no idea where I had found the pattern. Does anybody recognize it? I've looked through all my mags, free downloaded patterns and searched the web. I have no idea and I'm getting desperate. Can anybody help, please?
  12. Thanks! I guess it's just a matter of making that final decision. PC Stitch and Pattern Maker for Cross Stitch have also been recommended, so it's tough to know which one I'll like.
  13. I can see where this would be a great program for filet, but is it also appropriate for intarsia? I couldn't tell from the demo if you could import pictures for color blocks. Does anybody use it for this?
  14. It reminds me of happy rainbows. Are you going to do the same pattern for the new baby? It's nice to be able to see how well our work holds up through the years!
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