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  1. Have you seen the kit Herrschner's has?
  2. Wow, I had no idea. Sounds unanimous. Thanks for the info.
  3. Nancy, this is a totally different concept from what I've always been taught. I'll be anxious to try it on my next graph project!
  4. Hey Nancy, if I don't have any luck getting the same dye lot, I'll get in touch with you about your two skeins, okay? Thanks.
  5. I've never sold at a craft fair, but have been asked to do so this fall. Do I need to get a tax ID # and charge sales tax? I've always reported cash sales on my income tax, but I don't know about this other. What are the rules about that? Also, do most of you guys take credit cards? That would be such a hassle.
  6. Does anybody have in their stash just one skein of color #102 Soft Pink of the worsted weight I Love This Yarn? If you'd like to check dye lots, mine is #0243-021. I know it can vary a lot from dye lot to dye lot, but if I can't get the same lot #, anything is better than nothing I suppose. Thanks!
  7. crochetrae

    Blanket Yarn?

    I agree about the Wool Ease pilling. I used to use it exclusively until years later I saw blankets I had given away to family. They look like trash. I currently use Vanna's Choice. Still Lion Brand, so we'll see if it pills after time.
  8. You mean instead of 3 in the corner st, put 2, 2 and 2?
  9. I decided to edge a baby blanket with alternating fpdc/bpdc. But when I come to a corner, I don't know what to do. Do I bpdc, fpdc, bpdc all around the center st? Or don't post at all in the corners? I'm baffled. I hope someone can help.
  10. Mary, I figured that suggestion would come up. I probably could reverse engineer it, but I prefer not to. I know it's a copyrighted pattern and I don't feel comfortable making my own version of it. But thanks for trying to help!
  11. Kathy, it was definitely a necklace pattern.
  12. Hey All, I made this necklace some time around 2008-2009. Now I need to make several more in the next two weeks. I have searched many hours and have no idea where I had found the pattern. Does anybody recognize it? I've looked through all my mags, free downloaded patterns and searched the web. I have no idea and I'm getting desperate. Can anybody help, please?
  13. crochetrae


    Thanks! I guess it's just a matter of making that final decision. PC Stitch and Pattern Maker for Cross Stitch have also been recommended, so it's tough to know which one I'll like.
  14. crochetrae


    I can see where this would be a great program for filet, but is it also appropriate for intarsia? I couldn't tell from the demo if you could import pictures for color blocks. Does anybody use it for this?
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