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  1. Hi Ericalynn, Welcome back! Like you, I have just recently returned to work after being off for 8 years. I am the mom to 3 wonderful children, a boy and two girls. I haven't been able to crochet in a couple of months as I am trying to adjust to working full time and being able to ferry the kids back and forth to basketball games and such. My husband works full time as well and our shifts don't often coincide so it's been a challenge. I am hoping to be able to get some hats and things done as well for this winter. Hope you get back into the groove of making things as well. Renate
  2. Hi, from a fellow Mountaineer!! You'll have lots of fun here. What part of WV are you from?
  3. Hi ther Kirsty! Welcome from West Virginia! We're glad to welcome you aboard! You'll have a lot of fun here. Don't be shy about joining in we look forward to hearing from you!:)
  4. OK obviuosly, I need to get on here more, for I didn't realize when I suggested you make the whole South Park cast that you actually had already:lol They are amazing. Did you use a pattern or is it your own? I would love to make a set for the hubby. Keep hooking, you do wonderful work!
  5. I can't believe it!! I just commented on your Timmy and Jimmy and now I see Stewie! Great likeness. Again, a show my husband and I watch. Stewie's my favorite character too! I sometimes think that my oldest daughter is a relation of Stewie's. I swear sometimes that child is out to do me in! Wonderful!:clap
  6. How cute!!!! You've done a WONDERFUL job!!! I love that show. My husband and I've watched it forever. I would love for you to post the pattern. My hubby would love getting something like that for his bday!! Keep up the great work. You should make the whole cast!:cheer:cheer:cheer
  7. Hi and welcome from snowy West Virginia!! I agree, try crochetpatterncentral. I believe I've seen some patterns for felted scrochet slippers there. Hubby and I are wanting to move to Alaska. I have family in King Salmon. Are you enjoying it up there? Have a great day!! Renate
  8. Howdy!! Welcome to the 'ville from snowy West Virginia. I go to the pattern section when I'm searching for inspiration and I always love the off topic section! Where in Alaska do you live. I have family in King Salmon and hubby and I are dying to move up your way! I checked out your etsy shop and you have some beautiful things there!
  9. Great to see a fellow Mountaineer on here! I'm just a few miles down the road from ya in Fairmont,WV. Hope to hear a lot from you on here!
  10. I thought I'd post a couple of pics of Dora and her outfits I made courtesy of Darski's wonder patterns. Made them for my niece for her Xmas gift. Guess I only took one pic. sorry. I made her 5 outfits. Her b-day is in a couple of months so I figured I'd make her some more outfits to go with!
  11. Hi there WVScraps. So good to see another Mountaineer on here:cheer Which part of the state are you from? I live in Fairmont. I know you'll find a lot of inspiration around here. I sure know that i have. Hope to hear a lot from you.
  12. That is soooo adoralble Darski!!! I'm making a bunch of your clothes for Dora for my 3 yo niece this Christmas. That one is definitely going in her wardrobe!! My daughter will probably want an outfit too. Thanks so much for sharing all of your wonderful patterns with us!!!
  13. I love to watch Westerns, Rocky movies, definitely James Bond movies, Rambo movies, though I do tend to neglect the projects when James Bond or Tom Selleck in the Louis L'Amour movies. What can I say Sean Connery and Tom Selleck are HOT:D
  14. Go to crochetpatterncentral.com. They've got most of Darski's patterns for dolls there. Plus they have a lot of other patterns that might be what you're looking for. Hope this helps.
  15. I think that you're thinking of Darski on here. She does a lot of clothes for the Dora Doll and also 15 and 18 inch dolls. I have a link for a site that has a lot of her patterns and I'll try and find it for you. You can search for her on here. Hope that this helps you.
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