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  1. I have found that the cost to ship yarn to other places is usually more than the yarn is worth. So I don't send boxes of spare yarn UPS or USPS. Sorry. If you let people where you live know you want to crochet for charity, they will likely give you boxes of yarn. Can you contact a local radio station? Visit a local yarn shop. There are lots of ways to let people know what you're up to. Good luck!!!! mary
  2. Hi, Beth. I like your afghan square pattern. I wish I could send you all the little bits of yarn I have in the house! Mary from Iowa
  3. Clotilde, thank you so much for this clever pattern. It's beautiful!!!!!!!! A friend of mine is caring for her grandchildren this year and they have no winter clothes for Iowa. I'll make this for her granddaughter. You are right when you say "Homemade IS Special." My sister in law had a challenging childhood, and she says for kids like that nothing is more wonderful than to receive something handmade. Handmade says " I love you and I care."
  4. How cool! I have an abundant supply of yarn, but I know someone out there will really appreciate this.
  5. This is what I was thinking. Thanks for caring about these young men.
  6. I'm bumping this up. btw, we south of the border types don't have a boxing day. When is it?
  7. Here are two patterns I came up with for newborns: Crocheted newborn hats for Global Health Ministry’s midwife kits. The caps should fit nicely over the end of a 2 liter pop bottle. By Mary Morris, Fairfield, Iowa Hat #1 BABY ADDY A variation of Julie A. Bolduc’s Addison Hat http://www.jpfun.com. Free for non commercial use. V = dc, ch 1, dc Uses one ounce of “I Love This Yarn,” or similar 4 ply yarn; H hook Chain 4 and join. R1: (2dc ch1) 6 times R2: work (2dc ch1 2dc) in each ch 1 space R3: 3dc in each ch1 space; V in each gap between 2dc’s. (Six V’s and six 3dc shells total) R4: 5dc in each V; V in each 3dc shell R 5-9: 5dc in each V; V in each 5dc shell Hat #2 VERY SIMPLE CROCHETED BABY HAT This is a variation of this hat pattern: http://www.bevscountrycottage.com/teresa-hat.html. Free for any non commercial use. First numbers given for I Love This Yarn, italicized numbers are for Caron Simply Soft Using H hook, Ch 4 and join R 1: 12 dc [13 dc] R 2: 2 dc in each dc [24, 26 dc] R 3: (1dc in first dc, 2dc in next dc) around [36, 39 dc] R 4: Add 4 dc [5 dc] evenly around circle. [40, 44 dc] R 5-8 [R5-9]: dc in each dc R 9 [R 10]: make 5dc shell in every 4th dc [10, 11 shells] Hope this helps! Love, Mary
  8. I've made this pattern many times. It's for a regular bootie, but all you would have to do to make a stocking would be to add a few rows to the top part. http://www.bevscountrycottage.com/bevsbooties2.html Bev, your super simple patterns are a work of genious! Thanks
  9. Amazing. The gowns couldn't be more beautiful.
  10. I used to keep 6" squares on hand. It's not a bad idea.
  11. Carol, I like all your new arrivals, esp. the first one. I've always liked the Bernat Coordiates but try to avoid that fine of yarn. What a great idea, and what a lovely blanket!
  12. Norma, that is lovely. What a nice choice of yarn.
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