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  1. thank you both so much, now i get it !! chuckles...duh , hehe. i'm a "learn as you go" type crocheter, lol. i imagine i'll be asking lots of questions as i go, but its fun and challenging for me that way. So far, is working on a doily, sweater, afghan, and is about to start a simple hat and gloves to go with the scarf i made for my daughter. Not sure if that's just being over ambitious, or a case of ADHD....laughs. But hey, keeps me busy i guess. Anyways, thanks a bunch for the help, its greatly appreciated. kira
  2. hello everyone, its been some time since i've been able to get in here. Life happens, lol. Anyways, I decided to get adverturous and try my first sweater pattern. Supposed to be an easy one, and up till now, it has been, lol. Anyways...here's the part that i'm having issues with....major issues understanding what to do and how. Inc 1 st at each end of next row, then 2 sts at each end of foll row. Rep these 2 rows 11 more times--162 sc. <<<< did that part fine Ch 13 at end of next 2 rows for cuffs--186 sc. Work even in sc until piece measures 4 1/2 in. from addition of cuff sts. Fasten off. The step in red is where i'm lost. i'm working on the back, and shaping the sleeves according to the pattern. The pattern is called the "One-Stitch Adult Cardigan". The whole thing is done in sc stitchs. Anyways, if anyone can please decipher what i'm supposed to do now, i'd greatly appreciate it. I'd like to try and get this done for my daughter's b-day at the end of October. kira
  3. wow, everyone certainly knows how to make a girl feel good, hehehe. Thank you all for the wonderful compliments. It's greatly appreciated. (I think this just might get me to complete my next project...a basketweave baby blanket, lol). kira
  4. Hello to everyone. I am a new member, and have been searching around the archives and such, and wow, I have to admit that posting this here seems a bit drab to me, hehe, compared to some of the other things I've seen. But I am proud of it. This is the first of I'm sure many afghans and such that I will make. But it is my first and something that I am proud of. It means alot to me, as I started it over the Christmas holidays at my parents house when I was 'back home' for Christmas. My mom taught me how to do this simple ripple stitch and we sat side by side for 3 evenings as we each worked on seperate afghans, mine for me, and the one she was working on was one for my 11yr old daughter. It made for some good memories, and so this simple ripple afghan will always have a special meaning to me other than being my first, but also because its my first ever crocheted anything, hehe. The yarn is : the blue-- Lion Brand Homespun Colonial the maroon-- Lion Brand Homespun Antique the multi (or varigated i think its called?)-- Red Heart Light & Lofty--Cape Cod Multi The multi colored yarn is a bit thicker and well, kind of poofie-er than the homespun, but it made for a very soft and cuddly lapghan. http://i43.photobucket.com/albums/e400/lilkira/03b7e3c5.jpg
  5. Hello to everyone here. I am a newbie to crocheting. I grew up with my mom crocheting afghans as a child and was always awed at how fast she could do them, and how fascinating the stitches came together to make different designs and textures. The main one she used to do that I always loved was the simple ripple afghan. I spent alot of time in the hospital due to serious back issues when I was a child and a teenager, consequently, I would look over and awake to see my mom crocheting another afghan, I'm sure, just something to do to pass the time while we were there. It was a comfort to watch her, the rythmic movements of her stitching away. Anyway. I'm not so little anymore ( in reference to my log in name), not little as in age, little as in height as i'm only 4'11, hehehe. Its a nickname of sorts that many call me. Just wanted to say hi and that i very much look forward to learning as much as i can, and making many afghans and other things as well as i learn more. kira
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