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  1. I keep forgetting about this which is why I haven't posted in here much. But I've had the luck to use up a small amount of skeins and balls within the past couple of weeks thanks to orders and christmas gifts. + 10
  2. Rolled 14 balls +14 Bought 4 skeins to use for a baby blanket -8 Total score for the day +6
  3. I've managed to finish a skein and turn half of another skein into a ball this week. So my final score for this week is: WTD: +3
  4. Well I used up one ball but bought three skeins. WTD: -5
  5. Sorry. Had completely forgotten about this place since my last post. Rolled a ball yesterday. So sorry to the shoot the moon winner who's in charge of posting scores for getting this in so late. WTD = +1
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