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  1. I think it's Denise Augostine's Victorian Ribbon and Lace Bookmark. She is on Ravelry: Denise (Augostine) Owens but when I looked I didn't see the pattern. I've made it before so I don't know why it's not listed on Ravelry.
  2. LittleLam

    Tea Cosies

    They are absolutely beautiful.
  3. Those are really pretty. What a great idea.
  4. Oh my! She is so precious done in thread.
  5. Oh she is so precious! You did such a great job. I agree, Alisha's patterns are great.
  6. They are so pretty. You DD is going to love hers.
  7. :jumpyayWoo Hoo! I'm so excited that Sandy's pattern is for sale! She is just adorable and your patterns are written so well and easy to understand.
  8. It's absolutely beautiful. You did a great job.
  9. Very pretty. It looks so soft and cuddly.
  10. They are so dainty and pretty.
  11. She is so cute! You did a wonderful job. I just love Alisha's patterns. They are written so well and are so easy to understand.
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