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  1. I'm participating in the Iron Craft challenge, and this week we re challenged to make a coffee cozy. So I crocheted mine! I love how it turned out. I even gave it a non-slip back because the yarn was a slidey on the ceramic surface. "Cup of Tea" Non-Slip Coffee Mug Cozy Crochet Pattern
  2. I love decorating for Halloween,and I love making wreaths, so I came up with a crochet pattern for a ruffled holiday wreath! I made mine in orange and black, but you can easily change the colors to make it suit any holiday! Free ruffled Halloween wreath crochet pattern Hope you guys enjoy it!
  3. I've been without a computer at home, so I am a little belated with my thanks, but I got 2 beautiful squares in the mail recently from 2 awesome ladies! Thanks very much! The new squares are already added to my afghan-in-progress; the pink one in the top right corner and the peachy one in the bottom left corner!
  4. I've started a new blog about friendship afghans. It includes a pattern of the day with a different square pattern featured daily. The Friendship Afghan Project If you like squares, please subscribe! Also, if you are a designer and you have patterns to share, please me know and I will gladly link to them. I'm also going to be looking for guest posters (or even regular posters if anyone is interested) on topics like general crochet tips, blocking, joining squares, swapping, and other things related to making friendship afghans. If you would like to post something please let me know. (Guest posters are welcome to link back to their own websites as well.)
  5. Hey, Ravelers! I just started a friendship afghan group at Ravelry if anyone is interested in joining! http://www.ravelry.com/groups/friendship-afghan Swap squares, share patterns, and see everyone's WIPs! ~ Rhonda
  6. I love steampunk style, so I decided to crochet some Victorian-inspired spats. My fiance thinks they are goofy, but I love the look! Victorian/Steampunk Ruffled Spats Free Crochet Pattern I think next I am going to make a collar/scarf to go with them.
  7. After several revisions and creating a sad stack of sub-standard fingerless gloves, I have finally come up with a design I like! Simple Fingerless Gloves Free Crochet Pattern This is the first glove pattern I've made up. I'm trying to branch out a bit, and really enjoying it! ~ Rhonda
  8. I think this might be my best square pattern yet! It's a 5-inch square with a dimensional flower motif - the eight petals "pop" forward to give the square volume. Dimensional Flower Granny Square Free Crochet Pattern It's a pretty solid square, so I think if I were going to use it in a blanket I would alternate it with another, looser pattern to give it better drape. Hope you all like it! ~ Rhonda
  9. This pattern started as an experiment. I wanted to start with a five-sized shape (in this case, a star) and work the finished product into a square. I had fun with this one, and I am pretty happy with how it turned out! Star Flower Granny Square Free Crochet Pattern ~ Rhonda
  10. My latest oddball ami creation is this fabulous little bug-eyed frog: http://factoidz.com/free-amigurumi-crochet-pattern-frances-the-frog/ Enjoy! Update: They have fixed the picture on the article, so now you can see what he looks like!
  11. Soooo awesome! Thanks for the link!!
  12. I've been doing a series of swaps for 5 inch squares on Swap-Bot, so I've been challenging myself to come up with a few new designs. This is my latest five inch square creation! Diamond in a frame granny square I've been making a crazy afghan out of my squares I've gotten back from the swaps. I will have to photograph it soon, it's so much fun!
  13. Very, very cute! (As is the little girl who always models your creations - I assume she's your daughter?)
  14. I love recycled crafts, so for quite a while I was saving mesh produce bags. I used to work in food service and had access to orange and lemon bags every day, so I rescued as many as I could from the garbage. And now I finally have a use for them - dish scrubbers! Cut into long strips and linked together link plarn, it makes a crazy scrubby yarn. It's challenging to work with because it tangles really easily, but it turns out really cool. My finished design is reversible - it is scrubby on one side, and SUPER scrubby on the other! The pattern is supposed to have a slideshow that goes with it showing the cutting and use of the mesh bag yarn (the written directions could be confusing without photos to accompany), but the photo server at the website is being all wonky, so it's not up yet... But it will be soon! So check back - I will update here when it is finally working right! UPDATE: Slideshow now working! Reversible dish scrubber using recycled mesh produce bags ETA: You can also check this out: How to make mesh citrus bags into yarn for crocheted kitchen dish scrubbers
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