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  1. Thanks again for the help and advice! I have been watching my tension and everything seems ok, meaning that it isn't loopy and turning out tight, even stitches. Like I said, it could just be me over analyzing myself. BTW, this site is great, I'm so glad I found it! Thanks again!
  2. Thanks for the welcome and the tip! As of now I'm looking at the gauge swatches, so it's comparing a blown up 2" square compared to full finished project pictures. I've only done a couple things in thread years ago and didn't notice anything, but am a lot more "picky" on myself now for some reason!?
  3. I'm working on some thread crochet and it seems that the double crochet blocks are not as solid as I see some of the sample pictures are, meaning more see through (more light space between stitches), not as opaque. The stitches are nice and tight, not loopy, and the gauge is right on. I'm using Cebelia thread and have used Aunt Lydia's also with same results (both size 10). Is this normal, am I just looking at it too closely or should it be more closed in? Any tips would be appreciated! (Hopefully I explained this without being too confusing! ) Thanks!
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