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  1. I just wanted to give you a heads up and I am hoping it is just at a Milwaukee are Wal-Mart. When in to check out & get more yarn (please don't tell DH) when I got to Wal-mart there was not one skein of Mainstay yarn left. Thinking ooo someone is making tons of squares for Dude and Jimmie Lu, I went to ask when they would be replenshing their stock. Both clerks looked at each other and said "mmmm what color are you looking for" (:think Make the right choice Kelly you may get some from the back....) Clerk graps the pricing gun and we head over to the rack.....That's when I find out the bad news...:eek All orders just recently place have been cancelled/deleted:eek :eek :eek . Clerk tries to make a comment that I can check other stores .....:think She is not what they'll have. I will check other stores I will let you know

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