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  1. I am sorry to hear about the break up good thing you put the blanket down hooks, yarn & frustration do not go hand in hand. Beautiful job on the flannelghan
  2. Michelle I'll pray for healing graces for both you and your Dad
  3. I will be working on these very soon Thanks for sharing the pattern that was very kind of you
  4. again a great eye on putting all of the ghans together:yes Also great idea about the dolly ghan
  5. Very pretty and it looks like it was created by one person with an exact thought of placement. I assemble ghans for another charity group and know what it is like to assemble and be very comfortable with the placement as well as the eye. You have a great gift!!
  6. Krystal Just sealed the envelope with two squares please use them as you see fit I wish I could enclose a shoulder to cry on and a hug for her as well But instead just a whole lot of love. Kelly
  7. Krystal Please count me in I was shocked when I saw her post Also if you could send me your addy ( I will send you a PM) will make sure I get it out in the mail on Monday - Tuesday at the very latest Thank you for doing this
  8. I just wanted to give you a heads up and I am hoping it is just at a Milwaukee are Wal-Mart. When in to check out & get more yarn (please don't tell DH) when I got to Wal-mart there was not one skein of Mainstay yarn left. Thinking ooo someone is making tons of squares for Dude and Jimmie Lu, I went to ask when they would be replenshing their stock. Both clerks looked at each other and said "mmmm what color are you looking for" ( Make the right choice Kelly you may get some from the back....) Clerk graps the pricing gun and we head over to the rack.....That's when I find out the bad news..
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