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  1. http://www.etsy.com/listing/47755841/butterflies-and-roses-pineapple-doilies i orderd the pdf files in the etsy shop of bella crochet
  2. ginchic

    New doily

    woooooooow, i think it took a lot of patience to do this
  3. it's really awsome,suuuuuuuuper
  4. here is my finished piece of the Pineapple and Butterfly doily, thanks for this beautiful design,the description made it easy to make greatings from a warm and sunny Belgium
  5. i love these oval doilies, where can i find them, do you sell the patterns of these
  6. my teacher on school, we learned different crafts, embroidery, knitting, and crochet, i always was a fast learner,she just once let me see how to do it and i was started
  7. woooooooooooooow, it's super, i like it, i like it, where can i find this pattern, i love butterflies also, i use them a lot on my stitchingcards
  8. i think if you know the basics of chrochet it's not so difficult to do irish crochet, there are only so many different parts of one doily to join together,
  9. she has true works of art, thanks for letting me know
  10. thanks a lot, i've seen so many beautiful things on this site
  11. i've seens the magazines but i can't order there, i do like them i was looking on the internet but didn't find them elsewhere, maybe i'm looking in the wrong places
  12. i'm from belgium and i did chrochet before i like the irish chrochet a lot, but don't find the patterns here, sometimes there is one in a chrochetmagazine , i just make the doilies ore tablerunners, i just find this site by looking after patterns, i also do tatting and make cards with stitching and beading for birthdays and more, http://www.hobbyjournaal.nl/?aktie=m38&var1=43763 here you can see the other things i'm doing,
  13. i'm looking for patterns of irish crochet, can someone tell me where i can find them,
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