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    I have 4 kids, 2 girls and 2 boys. I have been married to my husband forever.
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    Greenfield, Ohio
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    Love crocheting, reading, gardening, watching movies.
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    Anything..i love the challenge of difficult patterns and of creating my own.
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    Since Summer 2004
  1. I think it would look nice under a bland flower pot...the edges sticking out would liven it up a little...I like it.
  2. I posted pics of my first bag on Facebook and a friend of mine in the South loved it...so I made her one.
  3. How cute..Love love love it...
  4. It is absolutely beautiful. I know you will enjoy it once you finish. You can do it..can't wait to see the end result.
  5. Hi and welcome from South West Ohio!!!
  6. I'd have to say a cotton or cotton blend light weight yarn...Acrylic will heat you to death...Let us know what you decide upon and Hope it all works out!!!
  7. Absolutely love love love it..Def a great bag for just about anything....
  8. Very Nice...cant wait to see who the lucky recipient is...
  9. Wow!!!! Absolutely Beautiful....Great work!!!!
  10. Thanks to you all for your kind comments...I absolutely love love love this bag...it holds so much stuff and is great to tote anywhere to do my crocheting.
  11. I want to make the granny stripe so bad but I have to finish 2 projects I have in the works...
  12. I used this as a great stash buster opportunity...didn't know how the colors would turn out but I love it....Plus there is a sneak peek of my next project in the works...Thanks Lucy for the great pattern.:cheer:hook
  13. I grew up in Soperton Ga between Dublin and Vidalia...I currently live in Ohio but still have family and friends who i travel to see every chance i get
  14. I live in Highland County. I am between Cincy n columbus to the north and south and Chillicothe and Wilmington East and west....Hi all.
  15. Hello fellow Ohioans...I live in Highland County..I am between Cincy and Columbus (North n south) and between Wilmington and Chillicothe (East n west).
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