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  1. Thanks everyone It is from the Oct '13 Crochet World magazine. Thanks for posting the link sarisue
  2. Haven't posted in a while. I made this for my son & daughter in law for their table at Halloween. It's 26" across
  3. online at Knitting Warehouse. They always have good prices
  4. All beautiful! I love the octagon one. Can you tell me which pattern that is from?
  5. One more question......what do you use to secure it to the tube?
  6. Thanks so much for all the feedback! It's been a great help
  7. Will the tube work with a lightly starched doily?
  8. Hi everyone. I would like to hear how any of you ship doilies that are more than 18". I would like to do a larger table topper for my son & his wife but they live out of state. Any suggestions would be welcome
  9. I got the variegated thread at the local Joanns but I normally buy from The Knitting Warehouse online because Joanns has a limited selection.
  10. Thanks so much for all the kind feedback
  11. Hi everyone. I wanted to post my 2nd and 3rd doilies. I really am hooked! I made these 2 for Christmas gifts this year. I love seeing pictures of the doilies everyone makes and wanted to share
  12. Thanks for all the kind words! My granddaughter loved it The pattern is from the new newest Crochet World magazine
  13. Thanks so much for the nice comments and encouragement!
  14. This is the first doily I've ever made. I started with something small It's about 7" wide and 14" long. I made it for my granddaughter for her birthday. Her favorite colors are orange and purple. And now I'm hooked on doilies! lol
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