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    I started crocheting in 2004 out of curiousity and I have loved it ever since.
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    Atlanta, GA by way of Chicago, IL
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    Music, Working Out, Knitting, Writing, Traveling, Language
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    any project I can successfully read and complete.
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  1. Ok here's the deal. My GF is going to Jamaica next week and like always she asked for me to crochet something at the last minute LOL. She wants a shrug but not like the usual ones. I once saw a pattern in a magazine ( that now I wish I had bought) where instead of the bottom seam being sewn into the top seam like usual the end seams where sewn into the bottom seams. I hope that makes sense. Anyway I would like to make one from a pattern like that if anyone has one. Also she wants the option of closing the shrug, she's a size 6 but very boob-a-licious so I am at a loss with that one. It's not a deal breaker but if there is a pattern that can also be pinned closed to cover the boobage that would also be greatly appreciated.
  2. Thank you for all of your help and suggestions.
  3. Hi everyone. I'm looking for a yarn suggestion and a pattern for oven mitts. They're for my girlfriend who does basically all of the cooking and sometimes gets a little to close I would like to make her a pair that reaches to her elbows (yea it's that serious LOL) I want to make sure they protect her and can still grab things out of the oven. Thanks in advance.
  4. Actually she doesn't crochet. She says it looks too difficult. But I always laugh at how she stops in mid sentence as if hypnotized whenever she sees me doing it. She says the rhythm relaxes her .
  5. Hi everyone. My name is Charles and I learned to crochet in 2004 after first seeing a woman on the train back home in Chicago crochet a baby blanket and then about a month later meeting the Double Stitch twins at a park festival where they had a booth. Since then I have been crocheting off and on but have recently gained new inspiration from my girlfriend who has been encouraging me to pick it back up. (and she loves the fact that she can have original items that no one else has ) I found this forum searching for patterns for items to make her. I hope that I can add something of value to this forum also. My experience with crochet has been rewarding and frustrating at the same time considering all that I know is self taught from books and internet searches. So believe me when I tell you that I am open to all that can be shared esp. if it helps me get the visions of designs I have in my head out into a physical creation. Thanks for having me.
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