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    I'm a mother of three beautiful boys, and I spend most of my free time crocheting and knitting. I am very recently married to the love of my life and I couldn't be happier.
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    Crocheting, Knitting, Reading, shopping, making keychains, cross stitch, painting, drawing, and more
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    Stay at home Mom.
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    Blankets, ami toys, and pretty much everything crochet.
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    Since I was about 9 years old.
  1. Thanks so much to my Christmas FGM from KY for the lovely Christmas card!
  2. I know it's been a while since I have been on here and I am truly sorry about that everyone. I miss having the time to come on here every single day lol. Life tends to get busy super quick lately so that is partly why I have been so absent as of late. I come to give a big thanks to rscowtown for the beautiful Autumn-y colored square I received today . It brought a big ol' smile to my face, I absolutely love the colors they are too cute . So thank you so much again it will make a lovely addition to all my other awesome squares ^_^!
  3. I got another beautiful square today. Thank you sooo much to grannyannie I absolutely love it . I really can't wait until I can start giving back again since it has been so long :\. My hubby's Army sign up is taking alot longer than I ever thought it would lol. Thank you all to have sent me squares it really brings a big smile to my face to get something in the mail.
  4. Sorry I didn't post about this Yesterday when I got it but it was my son's first day of Kindergarten. I got a beautiful square in the mail yesterday from katyallen8090 and I just wanted to say a huge thank you and I wish I could post pics but my camcorder won't take pics anymore for some reason. Which was also why I didn't take pics of the last two lovely squares I got as well. Anyhoo I am babbling so thank you so much I love it !
  5. Absolutely adorable! Whoever she is she's going to love it.
  6. :lurk back in here to see if there are any clues yet. I can't wait for them to start because it's so much fun to try and figure out where this months lovely bag is headed .
  7. Wow Mary Jo I think this one is my favorite so far O.o!!!!! I am all about beautiful earth tones. I don't honestly have any stories of this time of year because unfortunately I have never been close to my family except for close family. Very beautiful bag once again and I'm sure the lucky bag lady this month is going to love love love it .
  8. OOO I think I know who it is . But then again I have a few guesses as to who it could be! She's going to love it!
  9. Woohoo I can't wait for the first clue!!!! The guessing game is so much fun !
  10. Beautiful as usual! I'd love to be entered for this pen and this time please let the twins pick the ink color for me . That way if I am lucky enough to win it I will be surprised all around .
  11. The bag came today and it is much bigger that it looked on the photo!!!!! I am so happy :manyheart!!! Thank you so so so much Wrennie !
  12. Although I think it is absolutely beautiful as are all of your totes. But i just wanted to say I love it don't enter me because I'm not a fan of wool. Still it is just too cute! Good luck to all the hopefulls !
  13. Congrats to you!!!! It truly is an amazing bag .
  14. Well let's see here......It's either a state where the most bag ladies have been made or it's a state that when voting comes around it's one of the major rolls in choosing the president:think? Then we have the clue that alot of big name people came out of this state or at least were made who they are today in this state ? Hmmmm Hmmmmm Hmmmm. So far I am mind boggled lol. You sure know how to make these clues interesting Mary Jo and to keep people guessing until the very end ! Good luck to all the ladies on here who might be the lucky bag lady this month .
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