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  1. Lol, with a reaction like that, you're probably better off that she said no! Can you imagine doing it for her and maybe needing an extra ball of yarn and have her accuse you of something!? Also, nice to see you here!! I've followed your blog for a while now and actually just ordered one of your little London themed bags a few days ago!
  2. Joann's, unless they've changed recently, not only take Michaels coupons, but they will allow you to use them on books. I haven't shopped there in almost a year because we moved and now Hobby Lobby is the closet thing. But the last time I was there, you could.
  3. And...it's finished!!!!! Just need to take some pictures!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!
  4. LAST ROUND OF THE BORDER!!! Almost there!!!!!
  5. I'm 33 and I certainly don't think it makes me look old! If anything it makes me look Young because it calms me!
  6. You can do it! It's pretty quick...once you actually can get into it! LOL I'm on the border. I did the sc border as in the pattern and am doing a hdc around of each of 3 of the colors. I should have done the first one in hdc too but wasn't really thinking. And I'm not sure I'm doing the corners correctly but that's okay, I am Loving it! I'm almost done with the 2nd color so just one more round after this one!!!!
  7. Shouldn't be tooo much longer, I hope!! I think I'm closer to halfway done sewing it together now!
  8. I was REALLY pissed at myself, LOL. I put it away for a couple days because I was mad at it, too! But I brought it back out and now have between 1/4 and 1/3 done (sewing). I'm LOVING it. If I'd known it would be flowers, I would have bought One different color (I have a green...which is a flower...and I'd rather have had it be a...flower color like the other two, lol) BUT even though once I really got into it I knew it, I kept everything in the spirit of the "Mystery". I still love it! My (almost) 1 year old keeps trying to steal it off my lap whenever I'm working on it!!!
  9. ARGH!!! Somehow last night I sewed a piece going up instead of down!! I noticed tonight and sewed it in Too Well. I couldn't find where I sewed it!! So I had to CUT OFF an octagon! That hurt! So now I have to make a new one And have a funky edge...at least the edge will be covered when I do the edging. *sigh*
  10. Good job!! I started sewing mine together last night!
  11. Pieces are all done!! Now to begin putting them all together!!
  12. Almost done with my 4th of Clue 6! I can't wait to cuddle under this thing!
  13. I hope they do another one, too! And that it doesn't take me a year again, lol. I've now got 2 of the octagons for Clue 6 done! 2 more in my color and then...2 I think in the MC! Woot!!
  14. Getting closer! Finished Clue 5 tonight!! Just have Clue 6 left! Will start that tomorrow. Maybe another week??? My shoulder has been hurting so I can't go as quickly as I'd like.
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