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  1. I love to crochet sitting on our couch with my Jack Russell mix Isabel on my lap (usually under whatever I'm making). My creations come with built-in dog hair. The last time I was crocheting in the doctor's waiting room, I glanced over a couple of seats and another woman was doing the same. We had a nice conversation. I tend to take my project tote bag with me to any waiting room.
  2. That is really pretty! I have no doubt you'll be spinning in no time.
  3. Merry Christmas Crochetville members!
  4. My mom didn't crochet or knit, but she did quilting and embroidery. I had a dear Aunt who crocheted and I loved her doilies and such. Such delicate thread things! Then in the seventies she began to order afghan kits and made some beauties. I didn't see her very often, but she was so pleased when I took up the hook and yarn, and praised my mediocre skills to the everyone. Maybe crocheting does run in the family. I've been at it now for around 40 years.
  5. I figured out a long time ago that since I crochet tightly, I need to use the next size bigger hook than a pattern says. I hardly ever make wearables and gauge is not terribly important for afghans.
  6. My mother-in-law tried to teach me, but I couldn't make head or tails of what she was trying to tell me. I bought a "Teach Yourself to Crochet" book and taught myself. She could not read patterns and that was probably our problem.
  7. Happy birthday! Those books sound great. I think they make a wonderful birthday gift. Enjoy!
  8. I've bought lots of yarn from Herrschners and many of their afghan kits. I've never had the problem of running short of yarn. Like someone else said, I buy them on sale and haven't been disappointed yet.
  9. My husband will actually ask me if I have enough yarn or if I'm running low. :)I have bins and bins of yarn in the spare bedroom (I'll never use it all), but he doesn't say anything when I need to get more. He has hobbies too, and I would never say anything about what he buys.
  10. And yet another one from Tennessee welcomes you!
  11. My husband doesn't mind my crochet and yarn stash at all. His hobbies are more expensive than mine anyway, so he can't really complain. When one of us buys something, the other one gets matching funds so everyone is happy. And he never says anything about my yarn, hooks, magazines, patterns, baskets and totes that have taken over my part of the living room.
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