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    Full-time mom of 4, Iowa Native that is now loving the west coast.
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    crafting, reading, beachcombing, thrifting
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    Homeschool mom of 4
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    easy projects-washies, scarves, kid ponchos, bags, shawls, etc
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  1. Welcome from Southern Cali!
  2. Lovely, I really like it! This would look so cute over any color top.
  3. These are great! My 12 yr old told me to make them for her for Christmas! Might just have to try these
  4. Great job! What a an honor to be showcased in Interweave-so happy for you!
  5. Absolutely gorgeous! Love the pattern and the yarn!
  6. I really like it! It could be warn as a shawl or around the waist-very cute!
  7. Beautiful! It would look wonderful wearing it formally or with a t and jeans.
  8. That is lovely! The hat is super cute with the flower.
  9. Oh thank you, I've been looking for something like this for my little one. I love the shell pattern.
  10. It's a really lovely doll, I think it's wonderful that you're sharing it with the little girl
  11. Bumping this up from a looong time ago. I'm in the CR/Marion area and would love to know about any local crochet groups/gatherings. Thanks Ann
  12. Oh wow, that is really cute! I can see that being used/liked by a wide age range too!
  13. **Ann**

    New shawl

    Love that color too!
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