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  1. zion777

    kitchen towel toppers

    thanks for all the kind replies.
  2. zion777

    kitchen towel toppers

    Here is the pattern I used. http://sewritzytitzy.blogspot.co.uk/2012/12/dressy-towel-topper-tutorial.html?m=1 I got the towels at walmart
  3. I am from Dunbar, Pa. It is about 60 miles south of Pittsburgh.
  4. zion777

    Turtle and Giraffe

    too cute! both the toys and the boys!
  5. zion777

    First Custom Order-Blue Elephant

    that is just adorable, I love him in the blue color too
  6. zion777

    dachshund keychain

    ok guys never mind, I found this one http://www.crochetme.com/media/p/94343.aspx
  7. zion777

    dachshund keychain

    I am looking for a free pattern for dachshund keychain. Any ideas and thanks.
  8. zion777

    Malware All-Clear

    thank you! Glad your up and running
  9. zion777

    glasses holder

    thanks for all the kind comments
  10. zion777

    glasses holder

    I just made it to fit over my head
  11. zion777

    crochet flower necklace

    Love it!
  12. zion777

    Miss Moe in her Camo Sweater

    too cute!
  13. zion777

    glasses holder

    I seen this on pinterest, but I can't find it now. I had bought one of those glass holders for my readers but it kept falling off the arms of the glasses. All I did was crochet around 5 curtain rings that i had got at a yard sale. I then joined them together and double crocheted to make the necklace, I love it, my glasses no longer fall.
  14. zion777

    butterfly tray

    thank you all for the kind replies.