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  1. I introduced myself to a renegade crocheter at the Home Depot today. She was wearing a cute beanie I assumed she made and had a quick stop-and-chat. I'm always on the look out for San Diegan crocheters. Anyone want to meet up I live near the bay and have a wonderful scenic view... perfect for a long hour or two of crocheting.
  2. Hello everyone! My name is Sarah and I'm so happy to become a pat of your forum. I have recently undergone quite a dramatic change in my life, and for the better! I am 20 years old and I started to crochet when I was 18. I have always wanted to find my craft niche and when I picked up some yarn and a hook at Michaels, I knew this was going to be it. I should begin and tell you that I'm a bit of an loner, no friends or family and not too technical. While this isn't my first forum posted to, I will tell you that I've only been posting now for about a week. I belong to another forum (enviromental) and am looking for a good women's site too. I haven't had a cell phone until 2 months ago. I still don't own a compuer that gets the internet. I'm the youngest person I think you'll ever meet living in the Dark Ages. Anywhoo.. I picked up the crochet hook and started to crochet- or what I thought was crocheting! I don't even know how I started to do it, but I would load unto my hook as many loops as I could, then when I could fit no more, I would return them. Well, it made projects unequal, hard to fix, and very very flimsy. I did this for about a year, in fact started a huge undertaking of trying to make my boyfriend a "free-form" crochet blanket. I can't tell you the problems that I've dealt with. An uphill battle I want to give up on. If anyone is interested in a pic, tell me if you think it's worth salvaging or if you have any tips/techniques for the warlock, message me and give me your e-mail and I'll send you one. I finally picked up a crochet book and started from square one... looping the yarn on your finger! I haven't looked back since and even though I've only accomplished making a mean pair of slippers, started a baby blanket for my soon-to-be-neice, made a shoulder warmer, booties, and some dishcloths I cannot tell you how enthralled I am with the craft! It has changed my life, I have something I always look forward to do at the end (or beginning!) of my day. My dream is to live in a self-sustained enviroment. By learning how to crochet (probably should see about picking up knitting) I am helping my dream. I can make my boyfriend and I clothing, wares, blankets, etc. by this one craft. I can even work with metal, maybe help build fences for our livestock/poultry! With this forum I hope to meet gals and guys that are avid crocheters who would like to be my friend and mentor in my life's endeavor. For the record, please excuse any "non-forum" behaviour. I'm pretty naive at the internet still... Thank You! Sarah:yay
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