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    I live in Raleigh, NC with my Husband and 5 children and I enjoy both Crochet and Knitting:)
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  1. Thank you both for your suggestions! They were very helpful:0) Will be teaching a beginner class and an advanced beginner. Picked the Long Scarf With Loopy Fringe from CYC and the Combination Summer Hat for the Advanced class. I think it will be a good project to do. Has different stitches and I can switch out the brim with post stitch ribbing. Angela
  2. Hi! I have been asked by a local yarn shop to come up with some class ideas for beginning and advanced crochet. Beginning was easy and I have a project in mind for that class. I would like suggestions from other teachers for an advanced beginner class. I will want to cover things like increasing and decreasing and other kinds of stitches like shells, bobbles, etc... I would also like a simple cardigan pattern to make for a crochet cardigan class. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Angela
  3. Here's a free pattern I recently posted on my blog and at Ravelry. It's a pretty simple piece and can be made in cotton for the warmer months or wool for the colder ones. Shown in wool tweed. http://angelaraeknits.blogspot.com/2011/05/dublin.html http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/dublin Hope you enjoy it:) Thanks:) Angelarae
  4. Thanks for the wonderful welcome, everyone!
  5. Hi:) My name is Angelarae and I am new to the Crochetville forum. I have been married for 25 years and my husband and I and our children live in Raleigh, NC. My Nanny taught me to crochet a chain stitch way back when and I picked up Leisure Arts Booklet and taught myself the rest in 1996. I've made everything from Granny Square blankets to purses to pineapple doilies. They are all lots of fun:) In 2005, I picked up knitting and stuck with that for a while except for a few crochet projects in between. I found Knit And Crochet Now on our local public television station and was inspired to get back into it. I am having a blast. My blog is a titled as a Knitting blog, but I have began to incorporate crochet, as well. I love it and there are some really beautiful projects out there I want to try. This can only be a good thing for my blog. I am looking forward to sharing with all of you and seeing all the wonderful projects that you have for me to see:) Thanks for your kind and sharing spirit!
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