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  1. This one is quick and really easy. very little sewing. http://pineneedles-suzy.blogspot.com/p/simple-cat-amigurumi-pattern.html
  2. Throughout the year, when I have a skein, I make hats. I have 3 styles that I do that take a couple of hours to make. If I have more than a single skein of a color, I make mittens to go with the hat. A local charity in my community collects hats, gloves and scarves. The first week of Dec. they distribute what they have to the local schools. The teachers can see to it that children who are in need get items at the school parties, without the children being made to feel so needy. This past Christmas I was able to donate 100 hats and 38 sets of mittens. There's always a group somewhere who are more than happy to accept donations.
  3. She's looking for crochet candy boxes to be given as Christmas gifts to the residents of a senior citizen home.
  4. This is the cutest thing I've seen in a long time.
  5. This will definately go on my "Must Do" list.
  6. It's a true blessing that Dot's patterns have found a permanent home. Dot has a permanent home in my heart.
  7. Thank You! These danged senior moments are started to form clusters.
  8. This getting older sure is for the birds. I thought I was looking for books by Joyce Chen at the library. But that's only if I want cookboods. Who is it that has the top down patterns? Please help before I lose what little is left of my mind.
  9. Not sure just what you're looking for, but here's a link to the episodes for the show. Hope you find your sweater. http://www.iptv.org/series.cfm/18938/knit_crochet_today/ep:217
  10. I see she's already on the job. Aggie May's a real peach!
  11. The pattern that sherry posted, from Garn Studio, seems to be just what you're looking for. Adding the cap sleeve would be a snap.
  12. Here's an exact replica of feather and fan, done in crochet. It's a little hard to see because there doesn't seem to be a zoom for the picture. The pattern repeat is quite easy. Depending on the yarn and hook you use, a beginning chain of about 100 would probably be wide enough for a shawl. Then just work it until it's long enough to suit you. http://www.bernat.com/pattern.php?PID=4080&cps=21191
  13. Thos Pam's Patterns are seriously adorable.
  14. Maggie Weldon sells just the pattern. It's in PDF format. However, just for the one pattern, it is $7.99. I just won't spend $8 for a single pattern. I'd sooner do without than to spend that much on a pattern.
  15. Go to Freepatterns.com and do a search for Vintage Lace Afghan I. If you are not familiar with free patterns, you have to register, but it is free to do that. The vintage lace afghan has a pineapple border on it. The afghan, itself, is nothing special, but the border makes it.
  16. This one is my favorite. I'm working on my second one as we speak. It uses an N hook. Not Q. But I don't think you'll be sorry. http://www.crochetville.org/forum/showthread.php?p=818270#post818270
  17. I'm 50 miles from the nearest bookstores, craft stores. As for the simply knitting website, they do not mail single copies outside of Europe and the UK. Single copies can only be downloaded in the US. My niece has offered to check for me. She lives in a more populated area. Unfortunately, she's in the path of the blizzard headed for the NorthEast this week-end. If it's meant to be, it'll work itself out.
  18. When I go to those sites, they say no search meets criteria. Either they are sold out, or they don't have the magazine. When I first checked B & N, they did offer a download, but I'm really looking for a hard copy. Just downloading updates for my computer takes 4 hours. I'd hate to think what a 100 page magazine would take. But now they aren't even offerring the download.
  19. Can anyone tell me where I might buy a hard copy of the Dec. issue with Alan Dart's Knutcracker pattern? All I can seem to find online are downloads. I live in a rural area and only have access to dial-up. Downloading a full magazine would probably take the rest of my natural life. I'd have loved to have this pattern for Christmas, but it will certainly be welcomed as a birthday gift for a special collector friend for an Aug. birthday. Any help would be appreciated.
  20. FetchBook.com is a favorite resourch of mine. I put Disney Crochet in the Title search. Back comes a page and the first book has eeyore and disney critters. FetchBook tells you where you can get what you're looking for and lists them from least expensive to most expensive. http://www.fetchbook.info/search.do;jsessionid=E9716DF64103F33CB86CA0A97F451D64?search=disney+crochet&searchBy=Title&Submit=Search Give it a look.
  21. That's just a square. Work corner to corner. Start with 1 sc and every row increase one at each end. When it's as wide as you'd like start decreasing one at each end until you get down to one. Work in the back of the stitch only. Pick an edge stitch you like for the outside. Place them down with the angles going in opposite directions. Seems simple enough.
  22. Thanks for that, boogiedu. I didn't think to double click. I just thought the links were gone. Dot has so many wonderful patterns, but no attention has gone into the site in over 2 years. No one has been able to contact her. The fear is that she passed. But as long as her patterns are around and people continue to enjoy them, she'll be remembered.
  23. This is my favorite. Unfortunately the picture is no longer available. It a cowboy style hat. Make it in red and make the hatband in purple. Here's the band and a picture. http://bythehook.blogdrive.com/archive/113.html Here's the directions for the hat, which is super simple to make. http://bythehook.blogdrive.com/archive/113.html
  24. If that pattern were any cuter it would be illegal; but, it's knitted. Not crochet, which is probably why you didn't come across it when searching the crochet patterns.
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