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    Upstate NY
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    I consider myself a knitter who does a lot of crocheting. I also love to read
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    I've been crocheting at least 30 years. I only began making wearables in the past 5 yrs.
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  1. clearwaters

    One-piece amigurumi patterns

    This one is quick and really easy. very little sewing. http://pineneedles-suzy.blogspot.com/p/simple-cat-amigurumi-pattern.html
  2. clearwaters

    One skein

    Throughout the year, when I have a skein, I make hats. I have 3 styles that I do that take a couple of hours to make. If I have more than a single skein of a color, I make mittens to go with the hat. A local charity in my community collects hats, gloves and scarves. The first week of Dec. they distribute what they have to the local schools. The teachers can see to it that children who are in need get items at the school parties, without the children being made to feel so needy. This past Christmas I was able to donate 100 hats and 38 sets of mittens. There's always a group somewhere who are more than happy to accept donations.
  3. clearwaters


    She's looking for crochet candy boxes to be given as Christmas gifts to the residents of a senior citizen home.
  4. clearwaters

    Priscilla Pattern

    This is the cutest thing I've seen in a long time.
  5. clearwaters

    Twinkle, Twinkle...18"baby

    Really clever, great design.
  6. clearwaters

    Floral Hexie Afghan Motif

    This will definately go on my "Must Do" list.
  7. It's a true blessing that Dot's patterns have found a permanent home. Dot has a permanent home in my heart.
  8. clearwaters

    Who's The Author>

    Thank You! These danged senior moments are started to form clusters.
  9. clearwaters

    Who's The Author>

    This getting older sure is for the birds. I thought I was looking for books by Joyce Chen at the library. But that's only if I want cookboods. Who is it that has the top down patterns? Please help before I lose what little is left of my mind.
  10. clearwaters

    sweater from knit and crochet today

    Not sure just what you're looking for, but here's a link to the episodes for the show. Hope you find your sweater. http://www.iptv.org/series.cfm/18938/knit_crochet_today/ep:217
  11. clearwaters

    Aggie May simple round ripple pattern

    I see she's already on the job. Aggie May's a real peach!
  12. The pattern that sherry posted, from Garn Studio, seems to be just what you're looking for. Adding the cap sleeve would be a snap.
  13. clearwaters

    I love this shawl pattern! ~~ Amber waves of grain

    Here's an exact replica of feather and fan, done in crochet. It's a little hard to see because there doesn't seem to be a zoom for the picture. The pattern repeat is quite easy. Depending on the yarn and hook you use, a beginning chain of about 100 would probably be wide enough for a shawl. Then just work it until it's long enough to suit you. http://www.bernat.com/pattern.php?PID=4080&cps=21191
  14. clearwaters

    crochet fairy doll

    Thos Pam's Patterns are seriously adorable.
  15. clearwaters

    Was Someone Looking for a Fan Pattern Afghan?

    Maggie Weldon sells just the pattern. It's in PDF format. However, just for the one pattern, it is $7.99. I just won't spend $8 for a single pattern. I'd sooner do without than to spend that much on a pattern.