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  1. I tried to use Chenille Thick & Quick for a prayer shawl and it just didn't work- it was way too bulky and it shed when I had to frog. I would definitley go with Homespun or something along that line.
  2. I love the color of that blanket! Great job on both projects. I finally can report progress- I finished the Orange You Glad purse! Woot! Well, my daughter had asked for an apple purse instead so it has an apple instead of an orange...it actually turned out really cute. My digital is in the shop so I can't take a pic yet but when I get it back I will add one.
  3. What size shawls? For young adults, kids, grown adults?
  4. That little piggy is too cute! Great job. I just cannot get the motivation to finished that darned blanket, so...I'm going to frog it and use all of the yarn I've already bought, for charity squares. I'm super-excited. tomorrow I'm going to get out the purse my daughter asked for, like, a year ago... ...and sew it all together. She will be soooo excited!
  5. I received the info...thank you for sending it. I've got about 15 done already, will work on more during the week, and I plan to send them out next Friday. How many do you think you need per lapghan?
  6. Very pretty! It felted up nicely!
  7. Great job, Bev! That is a gorgeous afghan- I hope you can figure out how to post pictures, as I would love to see your version. I need a big ol' kick in the butt! I've been working on squares for charity, so at least that's a good thing. But I've seen you all post about your progress and I really want to get my stripes afghan finished (just so I can quit talking about it! LoL) Where in the world is my motivation?
  8. I received a package this morning from another rescue elf, I believe it's from LovesTenderTouch. Inside was a notepad and pen set, and 3 balls of gorgeous blue/purple variegated mohair yarn! It is sooooo soft...I've never used mohair yarn before so I'm very excited to find the perfect pattern for it. Thank you so much!
  9. I can send some. I have almost every Caron SS Brite color. Please PM me with your addy.
  10. Oh, my...your afghan is very pretty! Great job. No progress to report here, either. I actually started the giant granny square afghan last night. I'm on row 15 and I'm really psyched about it. My psychadelic stripes one is on the back burner, even though I was "really psyched" about that one when I started it, too. Oh, and the gold circle vest won't be done anytime soon, either- I found out a couple weeks ago that I am pregnant again, so there's no point in finishing it since I won't be able to wear it!
  11. Wow, the blankets posted are so pretty! Is anyone still working on this? Or are you all finished by now? I had started one with Bernat Softee Chunky and it just didn't take off, so I frogged it. Now my rescue pal from the Holiday Gift Exchange sent me the most awesome color of purple Caron SS so I'm starting one all over again. I'm already on row 20 or so...worked on it all night while hubby and his brother played video games. I'm so excited about this one because it is turning out much, much better than the Chunky one.
  12. I received the most wonderful package yesterday, from my rescue elf- coolhockeymom! It came at the perfect time, too~ my 2-year-old got food poisoning and cannot hold anything down. I've been cleaning up after her for the past 2 days, as well as myself, since she only wants to be held by me. Then this morning found out that someone made false checks and has been writing them to my bank account! Thankfully the bank was cooperate but sheesh- the week I've been having. So, anyway, yesterday hubby came home from the neighbor's and said, "Hey, do you know there is a huge box on the patio?" I had been cleaning right next to the patio door and hadn't seen or heard the mailman! LoL Of course I ripped it open immediately, and it was just filled with awesome things. What she sent was...2 pattern books and a tear-off pattern 5 skeins of ww yarn in various colors 3 skeins of Bernat Galaxy (which is awesome because I bought one skein in the exact color last year and haven't been able to find the color since) 2 balls of a gorgeous variegated wool blend yarn A skein of Sugar n' Cream cotton in my favorite shade of blue A handmade potholder and a dishcloth A beautiful 12" square Bath gel An awesome handmade hook case, with places for tape measure, scissors, stitch-markers...all of which she thoughtfully included! Plus a brand-new bamboo hook. Kitchen-Aid measuring cups, measuring spoons, and spatula (I love Kitchen-Aid!) A jungle-themed trash can from Target...my girls' bathroom is done in their jungle line and the trash can is the only thing we don't have. Hershey's chocolate sticks, Jelly Belly candy corn in Christmas colors, and candy canes Coloring books and a Rudolph movie for my girls Anyway, I just want to say thank you, Danielle, from the bottom of my heart. You really went out of your way and I truly appreciate it, especially with your broken foot and all. Thank you.
  13. Ooooh it looks like the PolarSpun I used for my daughter's scarf. Sooooo soft! What a thoughtful SIL.
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