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  1. I'm in! I've been wanting to make this shawl long before I got the SnB book! Maybe it will motivate me to get it done Cris~
  2. I hope you find a use for the pattern! I'm glad you enjoyed my blog Misa! I must admit, I enjoy writing it a bit too much Cris~
  3. Picture coming soon Enjoy! http://criscrochets.blogspot.com/2006/12/free-pattern-squared-dishrag.html Cris~
  4. I think these are your CUTEST yet! Let me know when you make the patterns available, pleeeeeeeaaaaaaaaseeeeeee! Cris~
  5. Super easy and oh so fast, this is a great project for last minute gifting You can find my free pattern HERE. Enjoy! Cris~
  6. Very interesting and soooo festive! Great job Christal! Cris~
  7. Thank you! It was a lot of fun putting Moe together. Cris~
  8. I made Moe up last night, it took about 4 hours. I didn't take notes to write a pattern, but it was very easy (had to be for me to make it!) It stands about 16" tall. The head/body/legs are all worked as one piece. I started with white at the top and increased until I had 30 stitches. I eyeballed when to change to gray, then decreased at the neck, then increased until it was 30 stitches wide again for the body. You cant see his rump, but I did my first carry behind color changing there (its not very good, but hey I'm learning!) but I used white for 3 rows, red for 3 rows, then white for 3 rows, then back to the gray for a row. For the legs, I crocheted until I was right at halfway across (15 sts) then joined to the other half of the monkey. I worked the gray section of the leg then broke off and repeated on the leftover stitches on the body. I think there's 8 rounds of white before I started the decreases to end the feet. The arms are 12 stitches around, and the tail is 8 stitches around. The ears are 12 stitches around. The mouth was 2 rows of red and 2 rows of white around. Moe will be going to my nephew for his 1st Christmas! Cris~
  9. You are so wonderful to share your talent, Kristen! Thank you! Cris~
  10. Awww thanks! I thought I would never get around to finishing the monkey formerly known as Cedrich. Its hard to make anything like that when you've got to hide from the kids to do it. I get to feeling like a crocheting vampire or something Again, thanks It's so nice to be able to share my favorite hobby... and well, the kid- he's pretty special too Cris~
  11. Creations of Cris


    My little guy turned 5 today, and was very surprised when he got Cedrich for a birthday gift. He hasn't let him go since, and has changed his name to Curious George. Cedrich is a Roxy pattern. Cris~
  12. Kristie, Smooth sailing here, I hope to finish the head today. I knew all this lime green yarn would come in handy eventually! LOL Cris~
  13. I LOVE it!!! I have made so many pastel blankets that I enjoy a break from the norm too. So cheerful, someone is a very lucky baby! Cris~
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