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    A Baby Boomer who loves to crochet, make glass beaded jewerly, love my family, fur babies
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    crocheting,jewerly, just a craftaholic at heart
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    good question ... keeper of my domain
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    Baby things, mostly afghans, crocheting for dds
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    Way to many years to tell about
  1. I got the May/June issue some time ago it has the little girl with the green crocheted dress on the front cover.. Their website is sometimes behind but by now it should be current
  2. I just printed off the cutest dish cloth from Lisa Gentry's 30+patterns great easy and quick project.. will be exciting to see all the patterns she designs in the next 30 days for her book.. I noted there is also a great market bag which will be great to use rather then plastic bags for shopping
  3. Congrats on your book cute title Darlene
  4. Cute I think you are ready to celebrate Darlene
  5. Aww the famous Batman RR ( I have a friend that made about 20 of those one year) looks very nice and Batman is always popular I haven't done a RR yet and I do lots of baby afghans every year... Very year seems to have more and more babies lol... I really should try a RR by the end of this year Thank you for sharing your pretty RR Darlene
  6. That is cute I have an old Bernat hooded baby sweater from was back in the early 70's done with a post stitch. I have wore out the pattern and the copy and the copy of the copy lol and had to retype it and save Have made many of them and new mommies just love them My first one I did in less then a day I was quicker back then for my first dd which is now 33 I like the hooded sweaters because they are warm and the little one can't pull off the hat and loose it etc.. They are always popular.. I have made so many of them that I now play with the pattern like add ruffles to around the hood etc. Thank you for sharing the pattern it is very cute Darlene
  7. LOL now what a question lol And a good one at that I think I would stay with just crocheted items like shrugs and nice mobius wraps maybe a crocheted top or two No crocheted blouses, skirts or pants for sure lol lol Darlene
  8. Very nice and great for a cool summer evening You said it is a free Lion Brand pattern is it on their website Darlene
  9. that is a beautiful baby afghan .. love the look but it is sewing all those little squares that would get to me.. I did a granny type baby afghan for my second dd ages ago with all the tiny squares and said never again lol Darlene
  10. I also was very young my mom taught me first to crochet a long chain with my fingers then she taught me to look at something and copy it my first project was a thread doliy for my grandmother for Christmas one year. It was pretty and ruffly only problem the one I was coping was flat lol Darlene
  11. Hummywinger

    we'er fruity

    they are cute I love the color peach so I think I like miss peachy keen lol the best Darlene
  12. Pretty shawl I have the Everyday Crochet by Doris Chan and have done a vest type pull over from it for my dd.. It turned out very nice but was hard to get it stated right.. ty Zoe for the link to see the shawl I am a member of Raverly but haven't been there in awhile Darlene
  13. Zoe They are quick and could probably be done in a day or two depending on time to crochet... I will probably only do this one for me unless my dds show interest in one.... They are better for states with colder weather more of the year. Sunny Calif here but they would be perfect for mornings or evenings along the coast Love the pattern Darlene
  14. Hummywinger


    cute turtle !! I did some a few years back but not with such colorful shells love the colors Dalene
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