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  1. I've found lots of patterns for 18in doll clothes but my dolls are 14in. Does anyone know if it would work to use a percentage system to resize the patterns (ie 75% so use 75% of the stitches of the original pattern). Otherwise I guess just changing hook/yarn size might work but it'll be quite hit-and-miss thanks
  2. mama3many

    What is a broom doll?

    i've seen patterns for broom dolls that look really sweet but have no idea what their purpose is ... Are they just decorative?
  3. mama3many

    Large flower?

    thank you! in the end i just made it up as i went along - kinda worked
  4. mama3many

    Large flower?

    I've in search of a pattern for a large flower, about palm-sized- it's to applique on an item of clothing. Does anyone know of one?
  5. mama3many

    Looking for an overhead hat pattern

    Thank you, that's pretty close and uses a stitch I've never used before - I love learning new stitches!
  6. I'm not sure what it's called in English but this is what I mean: http://www.garnstudio.com/lang/fr/visoppskrift.php?d_nr=b14&d_id=28 Does anyone know of a similar pattern for crochet pls? thanks
  7. mama3many


    finished! It took me longer than expected bc I kept changing my mind about the leg cuffs! In the end I decided to make them into capris. These are deliberately too big for Elizabeth - I guess I expected it would take me so long to make these that I thought I’d better make them the next size up…I was wrong!
  8. mama3many

    How do i change the legs on these capris pls?

    Thanks so much for your help. I'll give it a go
  9. mama3many

    Baby Elizabeth Tunic

    The esay springtime dress is exactly what i was looking for!! Thank you sooo much!
  10. Hiya! I'm currently finishing a pair of crochet capris but would like to make the legs like they are on these bloomers: http://hyenacart.com/prod_details.php?id=80136&vid=3714 At the moment the legs are just straight. How do I work out where/how much to decrease to attach the pink ribbing stripe (which I have done separately)? Thanks for any help
  11. mama3many

    Baby Elizabeth Tunic

    thank you - i'll take a look!
  12. mama3many

    Baby Elizabeth Tunic

    Sorry it was unclear - yes, most definitely crochet pattern!
  13. mama3many

    Baby Elizabeth Tunic

    Does anyone know where I can find/buy a pattern similar to this; thanks!
  14. mama3many

    Hello from Australia.

    GREAT blanket!!! Welcome!
  15. mama3many

    Hello from across the pond

    Hi from not-so-sunny Wales. I know what you mean about Ravelry - great though, isn't it??