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    I love the outdoors, I have 2 children, and 3 grandsons
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    Cooking, hunting, fishing, gardening, and crochet
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    office of a land management company
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    Small things right now
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  1. Hi, I was a member of this original group way back. Had so much fun and met a dear sweet lady ( dobermama) she is under hospice care and is in her final hours. I ask for prayers for her and her family. ​Thanks, Glenda
  2. That is just too cute! He will love it for sure!!!
  3. Made this quilt for my new great niece! Thanks for looking!
  4. Oh my, that is soooo cute! I KNOW she will love it!
  5. Love those Mary Jo, I remember my grandmother making them!!!
  6. Awwww, love the afghan and the story!!!
  7. So pretty, and so is the baby! I know mom loves it!
  8. What a cute idea! You really did a great job!
  9. Hey Beverly and thank you, the quilt was a lot of work and love, but worth it. My daughter loved it! Yes, I let my three grandsons (ages 8,6 and4) help me make blackberry jelly this year!! That was FUN! So glad you enjoyed it! Hey Brenda, it is good to be back I have a lot of catching up to do!!!
  10. Love it all! Great job!
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