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    married, two cats, fish tanks, marine biology degree, Texan in Florida
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    Miami, FL
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    outdoors stuff (all kinds), painting, scrapbooking, crocheting, reading
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    Environmental Specialist
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    Afghans so far!
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  1. I'm glad I found this post. I am making this for my SIL for Christmas and have frogged it a zillion times. I think this time I am right with it. The diamond shapes had me messed up and I thought the initial 8 stitches marker was a bit confusing, as in where did I really start counting? Then I figured that out and I too had an issue with the one round with the pattern written backwards. Figured that one out. I think now that I have worked the kinks out it will work ok. I'm doing it in pink and will hopefully finish it up in a few days.
  2. I tried to post in Charities but I guess I don't have posing privileges there. A friend of mine posted on her blog this link and so I thought it was worthwhile to post here. I don't post often, more of a lurker, but wanted to get the word out if anyone was interested. Mod's please move this as you see fit. http://thiseclecticlife.com/2007/06/14/searching-for-people-with-big-hearts/#comment-2153
  3. I saw the website awhile ago and was scouting out more today. Sounds good. I live in Sunrise. I have been talking to another Miami crocheter from Etsy and we were looking to get a So Flo group together to maybe start meeting. Maybe I'll come and visit at the Haven next time!
  4. Hmmm, I had forgotten or didn't realize this. I am an avid Anne fan (Fanne!) and need to reread these as well! Since some of y'all are fans there are a few forums about LMM/AOGG, www.avonlea.org and www.anne3.com Lots of friendly kindred spirits on there.
  5. I am in Pembroke Pines. Are there any groups within the S. Florida area?
  6. My freecycle says you have to at least put something up before you ask for something. I so badly want to ask for yarn! But I don't really have anything to give. I suppose I could find something. Very cool though!
  7. Ok, so she mentions National Crochet month but the whole thing is about knitting.
  8. so, only wool does this? if i washed my acrylic or cotton afghans this wouldn't happen? Cause that would suck for me!
  9. i really need to add these to my amazon wishlist.
  10. Great thanks. I'll have to practice with other patterns before tackling this one.
  11. I'm looking for a Dallas cowboys pattern, such as the stars or the helmet. Anyone seen one? Willing to purchase or for free.
  12. I always thought my grandmother could knit, but I found out she only crochets. She was the reason I started crocheting a few years ago. I too would love to do something more than blankets and seeing people make purses, well, I think it's great! Knitting sounds like fun, and perhaps i'll try one day, but right not crochet is great!
  13. I'm a Marathon girl. Pretty much anywhere but Key West and associated islands. *sigh* Keys...been too long. Woven 'n Spun, yep things are growing crazy. I think Broward county is as far west as it can go without building on the Everglades. Miami is working on that at the moment. Traffic...is insane!
  14. Yep I need to learn a granny square! I just learned the afghan stich a few days ago and it was fairly easy. I figure if I can learn more stitches i should do a granny square soon! Looks purty!
  15. Ooh that is close! I'll have to drop in. There's a scrapbook store nearby that also! Hehehe! Thanks, I didn't know that one was there.
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