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    Self tought! I have been crocheting chemo hats and prayer shalls. I have two babys a Yorkie & a Chi
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    Indianapolis, Ind.
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    Crocheting & Fishing
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    Chemo hat's and anything that I can come up with.
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    I have been crocheting since about 1996 off and on

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  1. YarnBox


    Anyone have a link to a free graph of Winnie the pooh? Thanks in advance.
  2. I saw it to bad they called it knitting, they only showed knitting needles once. I love the show tho.
  3. Love it can you share you pattern info?
  4. I did not pay $39.00 for one pattern.... I bought several (my bad)
  5. I found the sight and spent $39.00:blush
  6. Can anyone tell me the weight of the new naturally caron? There are a lot of nice patterns on their sight for this yarn, and a few nice toddler patterns.
  7. I have made the same pattern a few times and i just love it, its one of my favorites for newborns.
  8. That is so pretty !!!!!!!! Maybe you can get a pic of the baby in it so you can show us how beautiful she is.
  9. Froggfreek The ch1 is the beginning of a new row. It is helpful if you mark your first sc so you will know when you finish a row.
  10. I will try to help. Outer point means the very tip of the star, that would be the middle stitch of the 3 sc group, you should always have 3sc at the very tip! The inner point is the last stitch on the inside of the part that looks like a V (down one side skip the last sc on the down side and skip the first sc on the up side) sc how ever many stitches the pattern calls for in between those two points. I hope this helps. Just remember to increase where pattern calls for. Hope i did not confuse you more. Chris
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