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  1. My Christmas present to myself arrived, namely the Denise brand set of crochet hooks in standard sizes with attachable cords. I've never worked with them before and boy to I need help! What is the best way to grip the hook for the return passes? With a standard tunisian hook I just use the part with no stitches on it, but with these corded hooks that's not an option. Does anybody have any tips or tricks on how best to hold the work and corded hook? It's the return passes that are frustrating me -- casting the stitches on isn't difficult. Thank you!
  2. Does anybody have tips for handling this yarn? This is a kind of "frilly" yarn by Lion Brand, basically it looks to be yarn fibers twisted in a corkscrew around a central thread for a nice look and feel to the final product. But Good Lord is this maddening to work with! LOL!!! I keep snagging it, left right and center. Anybody have tips for how to handle it? Or do I just need a huge hook? The pattern I'm thinking about trying calls for a K-hook and after hamfisting my way through a tiny test swatch I was ready to throw it across the room!
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