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    I started with beaded socks when we were overseas,then i went from there, i taught myself to crochet
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    crocheting, playing with my kids, biking, travel,photography
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  1. I am so glad i asked this because you ladies brought up places i had never heard of, and i did know the dollar tree sold yarn BUT I FORGOT!!!!!!!!!!! Going to have to bookmark this thread. Some people i dont mind making things for, the ones that really chap me are cousins who ask for things for the babies THEN NEVER USE THEM. So i spent all that time and money and you are not going to use it, you just wanted a keep sake? I want to see a raggedy loved blanket not a pristine the child cant touch it you know?
  2. Walmart,Kmart,Hobby Lobby, Michaels, or an online store? It is just so expensive, and people ask me to make things and i always tell them to buy the yarn and they balk. Just wondering if others opinions where is the cheapest place to get yarn?
  3. I love scrunchies!!! my sister teases me about them, but my hair is up more than it is down and scrunchies just rock Those are all really pretty!!! i love the vibrant one!
  4. WELL i got that FAR on my blanket and i pulled it all out! i did not like the way the granny square was looking, SO i then went with the V-stitch and i am loving it, i think it was Rose that suggested intertwining the yarns and i love it NOW. I swear though i will NEVER EVER let the person pick the yarn again for a blanket! I HATE THIS BLANKET NOW no love left HA HA HA
  5. They are always wearing something crochet on that show, i love it, STILL watch it everyday lol i dont know how many times i have watched the FULL seasons now i think i am on number 3. Wasnt that the one where phoebe tried to save the guy who was meant to die? She had that skirt on over pants if i am remembering right, phoebe always seems to have some crochet item on, i love that poncho she had that was furry on one episode
  6. LMBO i dont know, they dont bother me, i have tried to loosen up over the years but alas.......so i just go with it i like to pretend its a special talen LMBO!!!! OHHHH yeah i forgot about the V stitch i love the look of that too!!! i always forget with so many stitches out there! Thank you!
  7. Thats an awesome use!! LOVE that stuff been using it for 9 years. My daughter cant though she had a reaction to it. Both my kids have very sensitive skin. My face is lol certain make ups and other things will break mine out. FUNNY thing is with my face i can use oil of olay *been using it since i was 14* but the make up from oil of olay with the ribbon of moisturizer through it "burned" my face. Its weird the reactions we have to some stuff lol
  8. I think it looks good and it feels good, its still got enough weight that it warms the part of my legs it sits on, and the holes are small enough that it doesnt look bad. i crochet extremely tight, so i usually go up a 2 hook sizes or more. I am happy with the way its turning out, i just dont know if there is another pattern that would yield a larger blanket using the yarn i have, or if the granny eats a lot of yarn.
  9. I am so glad you asked that question. A friend bought the yarn for me to make her a large afghan, and i wondered if making a HUGE granny square would be faster or if there were another pattern, she bought BABY BEE from hobby lobby. Its a sock yarn, and she bought 12 skeins of it and wondering if one pattern will work up larger than another? i have manged to use a J hook on it, and worked up a large granny, but before i go too much further wondering if maybe another style would work up larger?
  10. i agree its just breathtaking! Mine is in RHSS and i like the weight of it, hoping to finish up this weekend will post pictures when i am done.
  11. mayonnaise thats a lot of squares! LOL i get teased about my accent all the time, VERY CUTE story! Sweet too! I LOVE LOVE LOVE that design of that blanket, really gorgeous and perfect for a man.
  12. Avon has some stuff called silicone glove i really love this stuff, used it when i worked in the hospital and its pretty amazing, doesnt come off easy either and no greasy feeling.
  13. THAT IS WICKED CUTE!!!!!! So jealous!
  14. i buy the cheapies from walmart to for my son, then i attach the same color yarn chain a long chain attach to other one and run it through his jacket lol I wish i had time to make him some, but i fear my house would suffer if i crocheted as much as i wanted to. To the OP LOVE LOVE those mittens! My son actually wants mittens, ALTHOUGH i dont know why lol i would have thought he hated them. I did make him a "bumble bee" scarf to go with his bumble bee hat and bumble bee gloves (from transfomers)
  15. YES he keeps trying to make nests and i keep telling him if he isnt going to make anything USEFUL to just back off LOL THEN he poops in my hook case and we call it a draw
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