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  1. Thank you Mrs. G. I appreciate your help
  2. Bendy, I guess I am confused about it all, I thought that I could understand any instructions when it comes to crocheting but this one was not clear enough to me. I guess my first question is do I use one hook or two? I guess also more illistration would be good for me because I am very visual. I love the book and everything you have in there and I am amazed how you could make them but I really want to understand it also. Thank you for being so helpful I will be contacting you.
  3. I was so excited to get the book knit 1 purl 2 in crochet because I Love the look of knitting but have been crocheting for 40 years. when I got the book I found it very difficult to understand, maybe I am getting old but I was wishing for more pictures of examples. If someone could point me to a video about it or pictures showing more I would really appreciate it.
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