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  1. Thanks everyone for your kind words! I must say, being off of work for 4 months was wonderful and I managed to learn to knit in that time. I'm still very much a beginner and it sure takes waaaay longer than crochet, but it is interesting. Hope you are all doing well and have a fabulous night!
  2. Hello everyone! It has been a long time since I last saw you all Obviously I haven't gone back and read the posts, since it has been well over a year and I would never get caught up. Not sure what all I've missed, but maybe someone can give me a summary of the real important things. Just hope you have all been well. As for me, I had brain surgery in May and I am finally back to work after 4 months. It all happened very quickly and I am just glad that it is over for now. I have suffered from I thought were migraines since I was 11 and had a few other symptoms through the years, but never
  3. Hello everyone. I hope you don't mind if I jump back in. I haven't been keeping up so I'll have to go back and catch up on posts. Just want you all to know that I've been thinking about you.:manyheart
  4. :hugCindy-I am so sorry for your loss! You are in my thoughts:manyheart
  5. Hi everyone! Sorry that I have so bad about checking in:( It's been a really busy couple of weeks and I am trying to catch up on everything. I have a new grandbaby! Calvin Michael was born the 13th! He is too cute and looks just like his big sister! My ds(his daddy) left Monday for basic training so he only got to spend a week with his new baby. They are all having a difficult time adjusting to his being gone. I am so far behind on reading the posts that I can't personally comment of everything, but just know that I am thinking of you all and sending out positive thoughts to everyone!:man
  6. Hi everyone! Been trying to catch up on the happenings in here! Tab-congrats on baby Elijah! Keep your head up, things will get better. Linda-so glad to hear that Kim is doing so well,she is one tough cookie that's for sure! Cindy and Marisa- hope they were good for you both. Julie-Glad to see you back:manyheart Joanne-take it easy and try not to work too hard. Hi to everyone else:hug It's been some rough going but think maybe I'm feeling more like myself again. Hopefully I'll keep moving in the right direction. My emotions are all over the place these days and that's unusual for
  7. HAPPY NEW YEARS EVE!!!! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. Mine was busy with kids and grandbabies, just the way it is supposed to be. The weather here is definitely not winter:P It is in the 60's, clear and only cold at night. No rain to speak ofeither. The ski resorts in Tahoe are really feeling it. I'm typing this on my Kindle Fire! I love it! It is so handy and has everything I need on it. Amazing how technology is these days. BF got it for me for Christmas and I never had a clue! Test results came back ok. They want to keep an eye on my ovary and make sure nothing dev
  8. :ctree:sheepxmas:sheepxmas:wreath:wreath:rudMERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:ctree:sheepxmas:sheepxmas:wreath:wreath:rud
  9. Hi everyone! I've really missed you all but there has been so much going on and I'm finally up to posting again. I had surgery last week to remove a mass on my right ovary and they removed part of my tube as well. Won't know until next week what it was. I had been experiencing increasing pain on that side and finally ended up have 3 ultrasounds, ct scan and more bloodwork than I thought possible:( I managed to go to work up until last week and then was back on Sunday. I am off now until Jan 2. In the midst of all this was the funeral for bf's grandfather and the clean-up of his house. There i
  10. Good morning! Just a quick note to say hi and thanks! You are all the best! Looks like my life is up for some big changes soon-glad to know that I have all of you to talk to!Take care and have a fabulous day! Linda-Thanks! I'm finally catching up on my rest and feeling a lot better. Hope everyone stays safe during the storm! Marisa-Congrats on getting your business up and going! Thanks-feeling much better now-just need to get the rest of my life together! Judy- Trying to eat better now-just nothing smells or tastes good when I'm sick! Joanne- thanks!:hugHave a good day
  11. Hello! Sorry that I haven't been around lately:( Just too much going on and not much in the mood to post. But I have been keeping up with everyone's posts. BF's grandpa passed away on Saturday-almost exactly two months from the day that his grandma passed. He went into the hospital with what they thought was pneumonia and was in there for 10 days before they realized it was actually lung cancer. Pretty sure he just wanted to be with his wife though and didn't fight. He was 84. We were all with him when he passed and it was difficult but he didn't suffer so that made it easier. I've be
  12. HI!!!!!!!! Been thinking about all of you, just no time to really sit down and keep up lately. Hope all of you that live on the East Coast are making through the storm without any problems! Joanne-sorry that you weren't able to see dd or Marisa but it is better that you stayed safe! Linda-enjoy the rest and take care of yourself! Judy-glad that you didn't lose power. Hopefully Sparkie will be feeling like his old self again soon. Glad to see you back! Cindy-glad you made it home safe! Time to try and relax now! Tam-so sorry to hear what your ds is going through! Glad to hea
  13. Hi Everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry that I've been MIA but the last couple of weeks have been insane! I went back to work-YUCK! Can't believe how much I dislike my job but am thankful to have one! It was so hard to get up at 0500 and work 12 hours! I miss being at home but I'll get back into the swing of things soon. My oldest ds waas sworn into the Air Force on Wed. I am very happy for him and his family but sad at the same time. I will miss them but as a former AF wife I know they will enjoy it. It is a good lifestyle for a young family and the support groups are fabulous. He doesn't know w
  14. Just wanted to pop in and say hi to everyone and to wish Joanne a:bday I went back to work yesterday and it was torture! :lolAfter being home for 4 months, it killed me to get up at 5 and work a 12 hour shift!!!! It's my long week so I still hve 2 more days to go. Hope everyone is doing well, and know that you all are in my thoughts!:manyheart
  15. Good morning! Been keeping up on everyone's posts but just haven't had enough time to reply! Went to my Dr. yesterday and have been cleared to go back to work:(! I have really enjoyed having the last 4 months off and am so not looking forward to going back on Sunday! Now I have to get used to getting up at 5 a.m and working 12 hour shifts again. Oh well, like they say, all good things must come to an end! DD and grandbaby are doing great, she is totally the opposite from her big brother! She is very quiet and pretty much sleeps the day away, unlike her brother who was a VERY fussy baby an
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