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  1. bigfunfam ~ I just did a little research on the net and it looks like the color announcement is earlier as it gets more organized each year. Although I'm still a little confused on why some states use different colors. I love the scarves posted so far! Great job!
  2. I thought the new colors weren't announced until Oct. but if it's April then that's even better. Hope you're right!
  3. Here is attic24s neat ripple pattern. Have fun with it! It's one of my favorites!
  4. socduncan

    First Ripple

    Yep this is my favorite "go to" pattern! Even over the Granny Square. Have a WIP right now! You did a great job!
  5. Thank You Ladies! I think I might block sooner than expected. I've weaved the ends a few stitches but don't want to cut until I'm ready to block so the glue will hold it better. I think I'll wait and post future pics in groups so maybe once a month or something that way I don't bog down the thread... bigfunfam...jrnylst makes flakes every Monday for us to use (bless her!) but you can make any pattern you choose. debsydoo...fantastic!
  6. Love Orange! So sweet of you!!!
  7. Oh can't wait to see this Dawn! Awesome!!!
  8. Is that the seed stitch? If so, I just finished a scarf using that stitch. One of my favorites right now! Nice Job!
  9. I finished my first snowflake. This flake is from Snowcatchers blog dated November 9th 2009. I didn't see a name for it. I'm a little slow but I'm sure I'll get the hang of it over time. They sure are small...
  10. Thank You! And it will be your snowflakes I will be starting with... One more question before I jump in... when you open the HUGE ball of thread, do you start with the outside end? With yarn you pull from the middle but I'm thinking with thread it's the opposite. And does it stay on the ball good or will I have a mess once the plastic is removed? sorry that was 2 questions...
  11. Ok I picked up the Royale Classic Thread and a Boye #7 ~ 1.65mm. And now I just realized I'm a week behind! There's 5 Mondays in Jan.
  12. I have a 40% off coupon for Michaels so I'm heading over today for a new steel hook and the thread for the snowflakes. What thread brand should I buy??? Thanks!
  13. Thanks Cindy! I just watched some youtube tutorials and it looks really easy. Only hang up would be crocheting with thread & hooks that small. With practice it should be fine. I'm game!!!
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