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  1. Thank you ^_^ honoustly it's just an epic amigurumi.
  2. Oops, just noticed what you meant, I edited my post ^_^
  3. Hi, I had a wee look on your blog to see more pictures, not a bad job, and you've got a cute dog ^_^ Ow and I posted the link in free pattern links ^_^
  4. OokamiArt


    That bear is really cute, and very pink ^_^ You could paint some felt or fleece and sew that on. Even just a simple black circle with a few painted white dots usually does the job for me Good luck.
  5. The title says it, here is the link: http://soggy-wolfie.blogspot.com/2010/03/piglet-usb-stick-cozy-tutorial.html If you have any questions please let me know ^_^
  6. A piglet usb cozy this time, specially made with tutorial for those people who liked my spice weasel. He took me about an hour to make ^_^ The Tutotial can be found on my blog (soggy-wolfie.blogspot.com). But I'll also post the link in the free pattern link section of this forum.
  7. I'm very happy you all like Seraphin, unfortunately I do have to disappoint everyone, because I have no pattern. I made it up as I went along :S I actually never realized so many people would want patterns O_O I 'm working on a free tutorial to make a usb stick piglet though, if that goes well I might consider making a pattern.
  8. One of my first big projects, unlike the Kakapo this one has fixed wings. She's about 40 cm high with a lenght (including tail) of 72 cm and a wingspan of 72 cm. She took about 2 full weeks to make, and now proudly stands on my TV.
  9. Good job ^_^ To be honest, that is the first Hello Kitty ami that actually looks like the real thing, well done.
  10. Unfortunately the thread has been romoved because of copyright. However, instead I'll put up some more pictures for everyone to see more detail.
  11. OokamiArt

    Angry tortoise

    Sorry, no pattern. I make them up as I go along. I've tried making patterns in the past, but they would simply be too complicated. Half of the time I don't even understand what I did
  12. OokamiArt

    Angry tortoise

    This tortoise was a gift for my mum. The shell is made out of hexagons and these were crocheted together. And a picture of my guinea pig with the tortoise shell
  13. I'm very happy so many people like my Spice Weasel. I posted a thread with a guide to make your own, but unfortunately that was removed, because of copyright. Thanks for all the nice comments
  14. Hi, I usually use a 2.5 mm hook and normal cheap knitting wool. It makes the ami's very stiff, but can be difficult when you are a beginner. I would say, just use the crochet hook and wool you like best and go for it ^_^
  15. My entry to Threadknits: http://www.threadknits.com/entries/view/4 I didn't win anything, but it was fun to make.
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