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  1. I'm finally done. All I need now is to get buttons or a pin. Elaine
  2. Hi all, I started the jacket way back on page 1 of this thread. I used caron one pounder (cape cod blue) for the large sized jacket instead of simply soft, since that's what I had on hand, with a j-hook. I'm on row 4 of the body ruffle. I already finished the sleeves, although I have to admit I didn't need 4-5 rows, short arms. I also did a couple of decreases in the width of the arm. Thank you Donna for the corrections and photos, they are a big help. Elaine
  3. I just bought "Encyclopedia of Crochet"(Donna Kooler) based on Alosha's and Claire's recommendation. What a wonderful book. Although one should never try to tackle the Spider Web Lace Pattern at 2 am in the morning:badidea, especially after spending the evening waiting for my bf to finish a 4 hr dialysis treatment:yawn . I had to frog the first 4 rows at least 5x's before it finally made sense.:cheer0
  4. I'm also a Jersey Girl. Although I was born in The City, we moved to jersey and have been here since 1983. I went to high school in North Edison, Middlesex Cty College and Douglass College aka Rutgers. I now live in South Edison, right at the Highland Park border, where we have gotten NO SNOW since December . Gosh darn it, I want snow.
  5. Actually that's only one. I have many others: the swan doily-2 swans done, a scarf blanket-2 scarves done, a xmas doily from early 2005 or 2004?, martha's poncho-ran out of yarn, magic scarf-bout 6 inches left. umm, I think that's it, I frogged everything else.
  6. I signed up a couple of days ago. :cheerI'm gonna make Dot's Elegant Lace Stole. It'll be a challenge since I have major completion issues.:blushI have a Zig Zag Lap Robe from 2001 that I still have to finish.
  7. Thanks *Dee* & newfiegal. I've been lurking for about two to three months before joining. I love the great patterns here. YOu gals & guys are such talented designers. Elaine
  8. Hi Everybody, I'm Elaine and 35 yrs old. I have a cat, Toby and a boyfriend, Eric. We're both disabled due to major health problems. He's on dialysis due to kidney failure complicated by COPD. I have dilated cardiomyopathy,congestive heart failure complicated by diabetes. My step mother taught me to knit & crochet when I started high school, but I wasn't interested in the crafts at that point. I started again in 1998 but that lasted about a year. I was severely depressed when I got sick in '99, so I was not interested in anything. I am better now, if I stay on my meds. So I started crocheting again- seraphina's shawls, hats, scarves, scrunchies, thread crochet, shrug-a-licious,... I finally figured out knitting, sinceit didn't make any sense to me at first. I now also have the knifty knitter roud loom set and the kk purple loom. Sorry if this is so long, but thank you for letting me join
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