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  1. Hello from Southern California!
  2. Awwww...well thanks ladies! Yeah...I get asked a lot about being a "beginner"...lol! I'm just a fast learner I guess...I don't know...lol. I take yarn and hooks with me almost everywhere I go where I'll be still enough to crochet...lol. Mostly parked while I'm waiting for my kids to come out of school. AND...I'm a bit confused (and embarassed)...lol...I guess time sneaks up on me...but I started STARTED crocheting in December...lol. I don't know what's up or down right about now. Maybe I'm just having so much fun crocheting time flew by...lmbo! Still...thank you all for your kind words! I guess now I have to go change my siggy huh? DebraKay...LMBO...I had to give him his smiley butt! He was inspired by the sock monkey in this one Kia commercial.
  3. I'm Baby Alpaca...don't know how to add HTML here.
  4. It's a tie between HDC and DC. Since I work more amigurumi though...I use the SC more. But when I'm making hats...I love the HDC and DC.
  5. Don't know if this will be seen again...but I'm in Bell Gardens just off the 710 fwy. That's kinda near for Montebello/Whittier...I go to the Michaels there in that one large shopping center/mall.
  6. 1. Starting on another sock monkey for my 14 year old DD 2. Hello Kitty hat for a friends DD (second one in the making) 3. Amigurumi toys for Christmas (12 kids...2 made)
  7. I'm a written pattern girl all the way! I can NOT for the life of me follow a diagram...lol
  8. I'm 33 and started crocheting a month ago! I'm SOOOOOOOOO glad I took on the crocheting challenge!
  9. I don't know about any crochet April Fools jokes...but I saw this HILARIOUS pattern on Etsy of a butt and poop. I'll probably end up getting it to make it for my hubby who LOVES my crochet! LOL! I wonder if he'll like that one!
  10. I finally finished my very first sock monkey. I had been dreaming of making one since I first learned to crochet a month ago. I could never find the right pattern to fit my needs until I found the baby sock monkey pattern by Doobs. I altered it a bit and made it fit to me and added more rounds than called for and used a larger hook to make Jack a 12" doll. I love this dude! He is my new friend and I'm so happy I finished him! It took me about 18 hours off and on working on him...the duties called...UGH...lol. Thanks for looking!
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