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  1. Thanks, I'll do some searching with those ideas
  2. Today being the 65th anniversary of Pearl Harbor I was wondering if anyone knows of any groups that help out WWII survivors? In memory of my Grandpa (not at Pearl Harbor but in the Pacific) I'd like to make something for someone. Anyone have anything or any ideas on how to look?
  3. Thank you SO much! Now can I actually make it?
  4. A friend of mine had on the coolest jacket today. It was store bought and knit but I think it could be done in crochet. I'm just not sure what it's called so I can't even look for a pattern. It was like a sweater but long. It went to about her knees. Long sleeved, button front, just like a cardigan. It seemed to be made in pieces and flared out a bit below the waist. Does anyone know what this would be called or have a pattern?
  5. I'm looking for easy sweaters for kids (I've only done two sweaters ever and they were both 10+ years ago). Or is there a way someone could help me figure out how to make the Baby It's Cold Outside sweater for an older child? I want to make three sweaters for kids age 1, 2 and 3. It can't be anything complicated because I have kids and they suck my brain cells dry on a regular basis
  6. My 8 year old just learned last night I second the advice to stick with a chain for awhile. She crocheted a chain about 9 inches long last night and the tension is all wacky all over. She'll be working on that chain awhile before she gets the hang of it. I kept having to remind her to not clench the yarn tightly, to go from this side every time, not that one, etc. She was sitting on my lap so I was behind her and it was one on one but you won't have that luxury. It's also amazing how we do things by instinct without really *knowing* what we're doing. Just trying to show her how I hold the yarn I had to do it myself a dozen times Everytime I tried to show her I realized I couldn't describe it and I couldn't put her fingers into it, I had to do it myself and carefully watch again and again and again. It was very odd. I also second the suggestion to get help. The smaller the teacher:student ratio the better. Good luck and have fun
  7. I am nasty sick today but happy to say I finished (and packed up) a scarf and hat set before the cold hit me (so no germs on the crochet - I can't swear for the outside of the package though, )
  8. I'm really happy with the way this turned out It's a child's sized red (sort of a maroony red) and pink scarf and hat. The scarf was inspired by this pattern at Crochet Me Except I crocheted in the back loop making the ridges. I just had never thought of making a scarf the long way instead of the short way before! (guess I need to get out more ). The set was mailed off this morning for the kids in Laura's school (well, one of them at least). I think she's taking donations til the end of October so head on over to the link if you have the time (or anything onhand to send!) My daughter (who already has a hat and scarf crocheted by her mom, a scarf/shawl crocheted by her Great Grandma and a fleece scarf made by her mom) kept eyeing it I think I'll make her a new set for Christmas, just because. Maybe I can get her to pass on some of the old ones
  9. Ok, still figuring out this subscription thing Thanks! I looked around this site and found some short sleeve shrugs. I don't want a shrug though, I want it longer. But then, maybe I can just make a sweater and not finish the sleeves
  10. Is there such a thing? Every year I wear a sweater in the winter and I always roll up the sleeves. It's a bit chilly and I have my (store bought and totally falling apart) sweater on with the sleeves rolled up and suddenly thought - duh - why not just make a short sleeved sweater? Would that look totally dorky or is there such a thing? Anyone?
  11. Can you link to a picture? I tried knitting and man, that is HARD My Grandma tried to show me how to knit as a kid and it hurt my fingers but crochet felt good so I stuck with that. Decades later (last year) I tried to knit again and after a few months I gave up. Easier? There are people who seriously think it's easier? Maybe I'm weird I have only love for knitters though. We can all get along
  12. Sorry, I didn't explain well enough The cardigan is not crocheted. It's machine knit, bought from a store. I just really like how it fits me, how the collar lays, what length it is, etc. I was thinking I could just divide it into sections (along seam lines), pick a yarn I like and then just crochet pieces the same size.
  13. I have a cardigan I wear in the house but it's old and falling apart. I want to make a new one by next winter but I can't seem to find a pattern I like. I was wondering, could I take this one and somehow make a crochet pattern off of it? Just measure the pieces and crochet pieces that match and then sew it all together? It seems too simple, is there something I'm missing?
  14. And now I really have to step away from the wool and get back to my "regular" crochet (but this is just so much darn fun!) The top pic is the inside view of it, fulled. The middle is the fulled view and the bottom is before fulling. Hindsight being 20/20, maybe I shouldn't have taken the pictures against a black background, sorry! This is also from Deneen's instructions (thanks!). http://deneens.blogspot.com/2005/09/marvelous-fulled-mini-tote-bag.html The first one went to my daughter but then my son wanted one so i went out and got some green wool (his favorite color) and made this striped one. Of course now he's impatient it's not dry yet (he's 3)
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