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    Christian, stay at home mom,wife, hairstylist, multi media artist, superhero
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    Belleville, IL
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    crocheting, antique and thrift shopping,most things artsy/crafty, artist trading cards, photography
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    I am a mother, I volenteer at my daughter's school and our church
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    scarves, afghans (full size and baby), dish cloths, some amigurumi
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    since November 2008
  1. thanks Amibel! You DID make sence I'll try that
  2. I am making the scarf in this photo. http://pinterest.com/pin/226444637/ I am working lenthwise with a row of DC then go back with a row of sc backpost stitches to make the ridges. My question is, what kind of stitch should i do to create a working button hole? Ive sewed buttons on scarves for decoration, but never to function. Help please? Thankyou!
  3. thankyou for your help ladies! I think I will try the baking soda before I put it in the washer :-)
  4. A friend gave me some yarn that she got at a yardsale, and its beautiful. Just smelly. Its is a bag full of lavender yarn (maybe 15 skeins). The label says its 100% acrylic, but the name of it is "Angorel". (never heard of it before). Its not dirty or stained, but it smells strongly of potpori, or perfume. I hate to not use it, is there any way I can wash the unused yarn? thanks! ps, the washing instructions on the label say: "Hand washing and drying, wash carefully in cold water using mild detergent. Dry flat, do not wring" But i'm assuming thats for a finished project. Right now its just unused yarn.
  5. Granny Square, she sure does make it look easy! I'll give it a try. Thanks :-)
  6. Kathy, I am using susan bates inline hook :-) (my favorite) I will try wrapping loosely and evenly and only a few at first. thanyou :-)
  7. I am in Belleville, IL (St. Clair County) it is near St. Louis, MO and would love to meet up with other local crocheters. pm me :-)
  8. hello! I have tried several ways to make bullion stitches and they just dont seem to turn out too well. I was hoping that you all would have some suggestons on successful bullion making! I would love to start adding bullions to my freeform work here is an example of the stitch I am talking about: http://www.healmyhands.com/how_to/bullion_stitch.html I get how its done, it just dosnt happen very well. thankyou in advance for all your help
  9. I noticed that too :-) GREAT SHOW!!!!
  10. very nice! I especially love the handle
  11. Wow!!!! These are amazing!!!
  12. Very nice! great colors! I like to stay away from traditional baby colors too :-)
  13. sure! you can mix lots of different squares in one afghan :-) here is one I found on flickr that I love!!! (not mine) and here is one a bit more simple that I made for a Chirstmas present last year: sometimes it helps if you draw it out on paper with a grid. Color the different size squares in a random pattern that suits you :-) have fun!!!
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