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    Debra Mae
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    born again Christian
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    crocheting & knitting
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    Whatever I'm inspired to create at the time.
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    Crocheting since 1967; knitting since 2008
  1. My loving & patient grandmother. I was just a mere child then of 5yrs young. I surely do miss her. And one day I shall see her again that is for sure too. She has gone home to be with our heavenly father, she's been there since 1992. Many, many days I wish I could be with her & out of my pain. No worries, he's not done using me here yet so I'm not going anywhere anytime soon. So long as my eyes hold out I shall be around hooking & creating as much as possible & passing this craft on to the future generations.
  2. :cheerI'll give you two hip, hip hoorays for being the youngest currently crocheting. Congrats on being self taught.
  3. Well right now my dear you seem to be the youngest that gave a shout out to us. I'll be turning 48 in about a week. I've been crocheting for 43yrs, my grandmother taught me when I was 5yrs young. I just taught myself how to knit 2yrs ago almost 3yrs now but I'm not exactly sure how I did it as I'm right handed but taught myself to be a southpaw knitter. It was the most comfortable way of holding the yarn & needles at the same time for me. No worries, I plan to continue until I can no longer see.
  4. gorgeous, absolute marvelous. Thanks for sharing this wonderful creation
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