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    Debra Mae
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    born again Christian
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    crocheting & knitting
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    Crocheting since 1967; knitting since 2008
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    Whatever I'm inspired to create at the time.
  1. MommabearMintun

    Tunisian Blog / Stitch Tutorials

    Thank you for your site, I've tried & failed or at least I thought I was failing. But from the looks of your work I was actually doing it correctly just was 2nd guessing my ability. But I now know how to knit therefore TC is just going to be a small project if & when I decide I can no longer knit. I'll come back & TC again.
  2. MommabearMintun

    Looking for help with Bernat slipper boots

    Hello & welcome
  3. MommabearMintun

    New to Crochetville/Looking for help!

    Hello & welcome to the site. I see that while I was away they stayed as friendly as they were when I was active.
  4. MommabearMintun

    Hi,I need Help in understandin a pattern

    Hello & welcome, sorry I wasn't back sooner or I would have helped you out. Glad to see someone else did.
  5. MommabearMintun

    I'm Back - 2+ years later :)

    I too am recently returning so hope to see you around & welcome back.
  6. MommabearMintun

    Hi I'm New

    Hello & welcome. I'll give a 2nd on the tutorial for Tunisian crochet. I've been a master of regular crochet but I've not quite figured out the tunisian. So I gave up & finally taught myself to knit.
  7. MommabearMintun

    Hello from Pa

    Hello sorry I wasn't here when you arrived but welcome.
  8. MommabearMintun


    Thank you all for the howdy's & the welcome's. I'm hoping to stay for as long as possible
  9. MommabearMintun

    Hello from Oregon!

  10. MommabearMintun

    Hello all!

    to meet you
  11. MommabearMintun

    Help I have a partial pattern (closed) answer on pg 2

    I finally have my own copy of a few of the dolls that were offered to me in links, I'm still not sure if I'm going to be able to recreate the ballerina from those patterns but I do have a rough idea now as to how to make her. Thank you one & all for your posts including the copyright law awareness. I didn't think about that.
  12. MommabearMintun

    Hi! I'm new

  13. MommabearMintun

    New here!

  14. MommabearMintun

    Hi from Delaware

    Howdy, from a transplant originating in Delaware but now residing in Idaho.
  15. MommabearMintun


    Welcome love to see some of your projects.