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    I am 37 years old and I work as a pt. care tech at our local hosp.I have three children .
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    New Haven MO.
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    Pt. care tech
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    Filet and anything in fine thread
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    since I was 6.
  1. Very pretty!
  2. I love making filet doilies and pictures! This one is beautiful.
  3. Beautiful curtains! you do pretty work!
  4. What a beautiful tablecloth!
  5. Those are so darn cute!!!!
  6. That is beautiful and baby too!!
  7. So pretty! Pineapples are my favorite!
  8. Very pretty! It looks like you have been making these forever! It is beautiful and all the ones you make next will be just as pretty.
  9. Beautiful! Love the colors you have chose.
  10. Another beautiful doily and love the color. It looks so delicate!
  11. I love this doily and love the colors that you chose to make it in! Great job!
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