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  1. I have a question about the SNB Happy Hooker Capelet pattern called "Cold Shoulders" on page 110. I checked the errata page and there was not information on it. The gauge says 10 sts and 4 rows dc = 4". It uses mohair yarn and a size "I" hook. Does this seem wrong to anyone else? I've never used mohair, but I'm pretty sure it's NOT a thick yarn. I'm actually using Simply Soft to make the capelet and was trying to figure out the gauge. I made the "Knot Ugly Shrug" using the same yarn and had to use an M hook to get 5 rows dc = 4" (The book called for an L hook, so my crocheting wasn't that bad, I guess). It's a really cute capelet and I know it won't look the same since mine won't be in mohair, but could that be a typo? Maybe it's supposed to be 10 sts and 4 rows = 2"? Usually when I crochet using an I hook, I think that's probably about the gauge I get.
  2. Very nice bonnet.
  3. Welcome from California!
  4. Wow, that's great. That's such a great compliment. Do you have a picture of the pullover?
  5. I've always like black for shawls. It goes with anything. I agree, a white would probably stick out a lot against a navy blue. My grandmother made a pastel yellow shawl that she wore with everything. It worked for her.
  6. It definitely looks knitted to me. Very cute though.
  7. If you are unsure of how many you would need, I would suggest buying more than enough. I would think 36 oz of each color should be more than enough. On the other hand, it also depends on which stitch you use. Some stitches use more yarn that others. I would suggest that once you figure out which pattern you want to use (squares, stripes, etc), to make a small swatch. Weigh/measure this and use it to calculate your total amount of yarn. Round up from this number (maybe buy an extra skein of each color). You can always return the yarn at the end if you have any unused skeins. I once made a blanket for a friend which was as wide as a twin mattress and about 5 feet or so long. I used less than 2 skeins (8 oz) of one color and less than 2 skeins (6 oz) of the other color. I basically just stopped once I ran out of yarn.
  8. Hmmm. I should try that one on my bf. At least I don't buy the latest electronic gadgets!
  9. If I had a closet full of containers with yarn in it, I'd be more incline to finish my UFO's or frog them. I'd eventually run out of containers or closet space and say to myself, enough! Finish your projects! At least then my yarn would be more organized. Right now it's sitting in plastic bags.
  10. What a great story! Your daughter's achievements are definitely something to be proud of!
  11. You're not the only one.... I have TONS of small balls of yarn which I'm pretty much NEVER going to be able to make anything out of. I keep it anyway. Why? In the hope that someday I will use it. I know that if I throw it out, the next day, I will need it! I'm tring to get rid of it. Hopefully I will be able to do it with the Scrapghan crochet a long.
  12. If you make a dc, an fpdc, and another dc in the same stitch, you end up with 2 extra stitches for every increase. Most patterns that I've seen will usually tell you how many stitches you should have at the end of the row. Have you tried calculating how many you would get if you increase this way and see if it matches the number given in the pattern?
  13. Very nice. Great idea for carrying a water bottle. They look so much nicer than the ones that I've seen in the store.
  14. I used to use plastic bags. I kept getting holes in them since I usually keep scissors and sometimes knitting needles, depending on which project I'm working on. I now switched to a bag, not sure of the material, but it's kind of like the stuff that lines a backpack. No more holes. I got it free from work so it has the company name on it, but it works great.
  15. Sometimes I go "under" the chain 3 from the row below. I think it looks better if you do the dc in the top chain of the chain 3 from the row below. Sometimes it helps to mark that chain so that you remember to do it. I use bobby pins as markers, but you can use pretty much anything.