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  1. Just a note for those of you trying the kimono sweater: There seems to be a typo in the materials section. It says that you should use a "medium worsted weight" yarn to substitute for the yarn listed, but worsted is WAY too big a weight for this. After trying my gauge over and over with some frustration, I looked up the actual yarn on knitpicks.com and it's actually a medium SPORT weight yarn (24 stitches per 4 inches). That made a big difference! Just wanted to make sure people don't have the same problem I did! I love this pattern and can't wait to make it, now that I have the right yarn!
  2. I'm designing a sweater (and it's turning out SO well, everyone is going to love it!) but I want to add a ribbed section and can't seem to figure out what stitch will create ribbing. Any suggestions, anyone? Thanks!
  3. Thank you both! That helped. I like the idea of a note before the pattern... I know that when I DO the pattern, I count the turning chs as a dc, but I didn't know if that was the correct way to write it out. Thanks!
  4. I'm confused... this seems so clear when I'm using someone else's pattern, but now that I'm writing my own I can't figure it out. Are turning chains (in this case, I'm doing mostly a dc pattern) supposed to count as the first dc? For instance, if I have 21 dc across, should I say "Ch 2 (counts as 1st dc), sk 1st dc, dc in next 20 dc" ?? Or then do I have to say something like "dc in next 19 dc, dc in ch 2 of turning ch" ??? HELP!!!
  5. I've made this sweater twice now, and it does indeed mean to decrease at each end of rows 7, 14, 21, 28 and 35. You can check after every set of 7 rows to make sure the number of stitches indicated does decrease by 2 stitches each time to make sure you're right. It's worked out perfectly for me both times!
  6. Very awesome! I love the back!!! Random comment: I love Norwegian - I sang the Haugtussa by Grieg for my senior recital and I loved singing in Norwegian! It was my favorite set!
  7. I've finally finished mine - I'm going to try to get my husband to take a picture tomorrow so I can post it! I had a lot of trouble at that spot, too, PJ - I just fudged it a lot, creating spaces as evenly as possible, to make sure I came out with 29. After doing that, the sleeves did come out perfectly (although I switched to a smaller hook at about the elbow to keep the bell shape at the sleeve from getting a little out of control). I hope you're able to finish! I'll post mine soon - I wore mine to my high school graduation (my seniors were singing so I was playing the piano for them) and they knew what it was instantly (we'd had a little crochet club near the end of the year so they saw me working on it alot) and they LOVED it. I'm so proud of it! Good luck to you!!
  8. It certainly does make the job fulfilling when you love your students and they love you! I got an email from one of the girls asking to come in again tomorrow. Sounds like she's finally having luck crocheting a rectangle (and it's still rectangular!) Thanks everybody!
  9. Thanks for that site! I'll register! I gave each of them one of my extra hooks, too, and they clutched them like they were the best present they were ever given and one of them said "this will always be my favorite hook!" It was so sweet. We had fun crocheting today - we watched TV and ate strawberries and had a good time. It killed me that they wanted to come into school on one of their first days off (when they're done FOR GOOD!) to spend time with me. Meant more to me than anything they could have said! One of them just figured out how to double crochet in an even pattern... her first attempt was very irregular and made us all (including her) giggle a lot. By the end of today, she had a nice, neat rectangle. The other girl was making a scarf with a v-stitch pattern and was VERY proud of herself! (me too!) I sure love those girls! You are definitely right, Artemis, I LOVE teaching. I LOVE my kids. So far all of the graduated seniors who were the closest to me have kept in touch - of course, I've only been teaching a few years, but I really hope they always do.
  10. I just thought you would all enjoy this story... I'm a chorus teacher, and as of about a week ago, all my major stuff was done and a lot of my seniors were pretty well done with everything so they spent the vast majority of their school days hanging out in my room. They've known that I crochet for a long time (and love the stuff that I wear that I've made), and one of them asked me to teach them. So I taught that student (who happens to be a senior that I am VERY proud of - my first senior to go to college to be a chorus teacher! Absolutely fantastic singer - she and another girl did the Flower Duet from Lakme in our chorus concert this year and it was breathtaking... but I digress...) and she picked it up really quickly. A couple of other girls saw us crocheting and wanted to learn too, so I had a little crochet club going on in there for a while. It was a really fun way to spend the last few days that I had with my seniors - I've been their teacher for three years (the longest I've taught anyone so far!) and I've become very attached to them - and vice versa, I daresay. It was a lot of fun and was really cute. As a side note, I think you will all enjoy hearing that every time another student would wander into my room (I love being an elective teacher, kids love being in my room and I love that) and said "What are you knitting?" the students that I was teaching would all reply in unison "We're CROCHETING!" It was hilarious. We're having finals week this week, and tomorrow I have no tests to proctor so a couple of the girls are coming in to crochet. I am going to miss them!
  11. So, has anyone finished yet? I'm dying to see pictures! I'm working on the arms.... finally got the gauge right after MUCH MUCH trial and error. I'm really hoping I finish in the next week and a half so that I can wear it to school! I've told my seniors about it and they're dying to see it - and I don't have them ever again after a week and a half (which makes me so sad!)
  12. I'm having a horrible time with gauge on this... I did the first one and it was tiny. So I tried a larger hook (doing a small swatch) and it came out exactly right across the rows, but was way too big across the patterns. So I tried two other sizes of hooks in between the two sizes... same problem. Any suggestions? My best guess is to use a larger hook and just do the number of patterns for the small instead of the medium, so that it's the right size lengthwise but a little smaller widthwise... help!
  13. That's so cute! I'm a music teacher, too - I teach vocal, 7-12 - and I'm jealous that you have time to do a crochet club! We're so caught up in the performance end of things that I never have a spare minute to do anything but play the piano and help kids prepare solos and do musical...etc... My kids are always jealous when I wear something I made though!
  14. Thanks for the encouragement - I hope it does go faster!! It's taking forever just to frog it and that's sad too. *sigh* Let me know when yours is done! I'd love to see it!
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