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  1. Yes, I understand that part. Hopefully, I can work everything out. Thanks again. Janice
  2. Hi .. wondering if anyone knows the source of this pattern? I’m looking for the angel on the right. Thanks. Janice
  3. Thanks Granny Square. That makes sense. Janice
  4. Granny Square .. it was mentioned in the notes of the pattern if you have enough yarn to mirror image. Does that mean that you would work on both sides of the beginning chain & use the same color sequence for the rows on both sides? Thanks. Janice
  5. I personally wouldn’t increase or decrease at beginning or end of row. I’ve never had a problem with mine laying flat. Including a picture of Afghan I made where I started & ended each row. Janice
  6. You make a slip knot 4” from the end of your yarn. Then, sc into the first stitch of the row on your Afghan. That makes your fringe on that side. You always work all rows from right to left. You never turn your work. At the end of each row, leave an extra 4” of yarn & pull through the last sc of the row. Janice
  7. Granny Square .. I made an entire tree of those angel two different sizes plus a tree topper. I just did those this year. I got hooked on those things. Thanks again for everyone’s help. Merry Christmas!
  8. Krys .. you asked for a picture of the hat when I finished it up. Just want to let you know I posted a picture on show-and-tell. I closed the short side seam with slip stitches. It really worked well & is hard to see. Thanks for everyone's help. Janice
  9. Just finished up this hat today. Slip Stitched the short sides of the hat together instead of using a needle. Found that this way it was barely visible. Had some questions while I was crocheting it. Thanks to the ladies who helped me. You know who you are. Janice
  10. Ladies .. you've all been very helpful. Each helped in a different way. I understand it now. You probably think I'm a newbie to crochet but I'm not (almost 50 years). I've always shied away from sewing seams together .. I hate it. I understood better when you said to close the side seam first & then gather the top where the pom-pom would be. All the pictures were very helpful. Thanks for your patience. Janice
  11. On the yellow side, you weave around the tube perimeter. You don’t weave both edges together as a seam? Hard to picture how this can be pulled together. Thanks for your patience. Janice
  12. So, would you weave along one long edge & pull tightly. Then, go down seam ends sewing them together? This is all done with one long piece of yarn without breaking off?? Thanks! Janice
  13. Okay, I can see if you first close up the short sides, that will make it round. I was just following the directions which said to weave through ends of rows on one long edge & pull together then lastly to seam ends to make hat. Thanks for responding. Janice
  14. Hi .. I've completed the Repeat Row 2. The piece measured 19" and is flat. I don't understand how to close up the top of the hat. The top is currently not in the round. Do I join the two ends together, then work through the ends of the rows, first one side, go around the corner & back through the other side, then pull tight through the row to gather the top? Thanks for any help. Janice
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