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  1. Well, after reading all the posts -Guess I am still the oldest Wrote awhile back when I was 83 but now 86--time does fly by and Still crocheting So happy all the young ones that are crocheting!!! Taught a few Grandaughters and friends myself Happy crocheting and Keep it up !!!!!!
  2. Right now Im trying to finish my second wedding afgan-for my Grandaughter that is getting married in March 2013 Finished her brothers a couple weeks ago --he is getting married Nov 2012 Can you imagine that household !! 2weddings 5 months apart !!! Hestoria
  3. My Grandma taught me to knit when I was 10 --and a dear friend thought me to crochet when I was about 35 and have been crocheting since then by the way Im 85 so its a mighty long time and still love it Hestoria
  4. Hi Lived in Freeport since I m five years old and that is many many moons ago many changes, but still love to crochet Hi Roe Hestoria
  5. Dont live in the Catskills but we had a n old school house in Harpersfield 'that we always went to --summer and winter Since hubby passed I had to sell it and I really am missing the place -We loved it up there !! And Im 84--do a lot of crochet and plastic canvas right now kind of stopped with my other crafts --but maybe will start again when I catch up on what Im doing righ now Hestoria
  6. My goodness --no one live in Nassau county, New York?
  7. Any one from around Freepot,NY??? No crocheters around ?? Hestoria
  8. I thought it was only me that didnt like to work with homespun--- Made a prayer shawl and turned out nice and soft but was glad when it was done--doubt if I ll ever use it again Hestoria
  9. Im 83--and a Grandma to 8 and have 1 great grand daughter Can knit and crochet but prefer Crochet Still going strong Hestoria
  10. Your Shawl is very pretty!!! I hope mine turns out as nice Sadly mine will be going to a friend who will have a double mastectamy in Sept Thank you for showing yours Hestoria
  11. It is certainly very close--in fact I would like to make it Thank you so much for your help In fact Thank you all for helping me Hestoria
  12. Thank you, but it isnt the pattern I was looking for It is very nice tho Hestoria
  13. Good Morning Looking for an old pattern for a turtle pillow -- I believe the top is made with granny squares Had the pattern years ago but lost it Thank you Hestoria
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