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  1. A friend gave me a bunch of Really old (like august 1976) "the workbasket" magazines and there is an advert for a slipper kit on the inside cover. it describes it as a "minute crochet slipper kit" If anyone has the pattern I would dearly love a copy! the company listed is SUNYARN, 115 Sunyarn building Box 1120, Plattsburgh, NY 12901 I saved the page and will try to take a pic to post of the ad. Sorry no scanner, but hopefully someone will have a copy to share.
  2. Now that is more what I am looking for! That as a jumping off point to work from! I have a friend that has webbed toes I want to make some for. Poor lady thinks she cant wear them. LOL She just doesnt realize what a determined wench I am.
  3. This is why I am so glad that we are getting a hobby lobby next year. Wal-mart has a better selection of yarns than the local JoAnn's
  4. Hmmmmmm... good starting point. I think the one on crochpatterncentral.com is the ones I had seen, but I know I can design something better. Don't ya just love ego? Maybe if I get enough original designs together I will make up a little pamplet thingie to sell. Who knows? gotta start somewhere right?
  5. I know I saw on for those sort of toe things that go up over the top of the foot and then around the ankle somewhere on the net, but now I can't find it anywhere. I have some of them in beadwork, but they are only for people with little feet. I would like to be able to make some my self and dress them up for people with normal size feet. LOL If someone can point me in the right direction I would really appreciate it. thanks in advance. werecat
  6. Hmmmmmmm.... I may just have to get some of the cheap coloured crafting wire from wally world to practice in first and then do one in real silver for windycon in november. That way I can work up my pattern and figure out what charms and stones I want to add.
  7. I vaguely remember seeing a jewelry design program on some diy channel about crocheting with wire and beads or semi precious stones. Has anyone tried this? My curiousity is eventually going to get the better of me and I'm just going to have to give it a try myself, but I was wodering if anyone else had given it a try or not. I have a sci fi convention coming up and I was thinking that something in wire crochet would probably look pretty wild among the rest of the stuff in the artshow.
  8. LOL anyone ever tell you ladies you are just awesome for a girls ego?
  9. Ok, I have been making little flower squares so long I am ready to tear out my hair in boredom. That is also an original design and I will post pics when it is finally done, but for now the picture below is cause I just had to do something else for just a little while or I would have been screaming through the halls! It's totally original that I made up. I would love to share the pattern, but I don't know how to write it all out. Instead, the big full sized picture can be found here: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v689/werecatslair/43630006.jpg and another view here: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v689/werecatslair/43630006.jpg Maybe you can take a look and figure it out yourself cause I could show you, but don't know how to tell. Sorry. :
  10. Have you ever tried using what's called a "big eye" needle like they use for beading? I never have trouble with regular needles cause I'm used to threading size 15 beading needles, but the big eye ones are all eye. its split from stem to stern and you just open it and run the thread through.
  11. that sounds good, were do I find that?
  12. I am really interested and curious about the process of creating yarn from shearing the beastie to the finished product. I have tried various searches and had no luck on line. I was wondering if anyone could recomend a book or website that would lay it all out for me of what all is involved. I'm thinking that eventually it would be sort of fun to have an alpaca or two or maybe a couple of sheep just to make my own yarn from. Or maybe growing some flax? that's what they make linen yarns out of isnt it? Anyway, just really curious to find out what all is involved before I start saving up for the equipment. Lisa
  13. LOL Oh my gods! I just had a woman I don't know at work bring me a huge bag of knitting machine yarn from clearing out her late mother's attic. She brought it over to my desk and told me she had seen me crocheting for the relay for life auction and thought I might be able to make something out of the bag of stuff for charity. I'm thinking mittens for the homeless shelter. My contributation to the thread: You know your a yarn hoarder when you look at all the little left overs and think of making a small or medium or large granny square afghan, but wait... that means you will need more yarn to border each of the squares!
  14. Where do you keep your hooks? In a little blue hook case I got a Wal-mart when I started doing more crochet and following patterns. Do you block stuff? Not unless folding and putting afghans under couch cushions to press them all nice and neat counts. LOL Do you dream "in crochet"? I seem to find other ways to amuse myself in my dreams LOL Biggest think you ever crocheted? Smallest? Biggest is an afghan I made that is like 62" X 84". Smallest would be little draw string pouches filled with hair accessories for my nieces. Where do you keep your WIPs? I try to keep it down to one project at a time and that normally travels with me from place to place to work on whenever I'm bored and waiting for something to get done. That great big afghan I carried around in a duffle bag and ended up splitting the seams from stuffing so much in it. Do you make things for yourself? The first thing I made for myself was a pair of slippers I just finished a couple of weeks ago and I just started on a cartigan for me. Its a little hard to find patterns to make stuff for me cause I am a really big curvy girl to say the least.
  15. There is a stigma attached to crochet??! Seriously?? *blink, Blink* You know I must just be better at ignoring stupid people than I thought. I work for Reliable Office Supplies as a telephone rep and when we were in the old call center they used to let me crochet between calls when it was slow. I even had a supervisor that went out on her lunch break and got a pattern and yarn when I was bored and asked me if I would make her an afghan and one of the managers used to take me off the phone so she could see what project I was working on at the moment. Now in the new location, you can read trashy romance novels or do crossword puzzles between calls, but goddess forbid you do anything that accomplishes something, oh like crochet, but I still take my yarn bag to breaks and on lunches and so on. I have even managed to get the ladies on either side of me hooked (pun intended) and they are crocheting as well. I think its now up to 5 of us now that will sit and crochet on breaks. Maybe its just that I hang around a tattoo shop on weekends full of creative different people that appreciate original design and hand crafted work, but I have been lucky enough to never have anyone make a nasty comment. Of course I am also 5' 10" and a very big girl so they may just be scared I will pound them. LOL
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