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  1. Happy Thursday House! I didn't realize that I haven't stopped through since before Thanksgiving. Ours was nice and pretty relaxing, as our family gatherings usually are. A lot of food, drinks, and laughs...what more can one ask for. We got our decorations up on the weekend and still have a couple things to finish up. We have a lawn inflatable to get out and it's finally not precipitating at all, so hopefully we'll get it out this weekend (we picked it up at the end of last year on sale ). And, a couple stars for the front windows that I picked up extension cords for yesterday. But other than that, we're all ready! I hope you all have a wonderful day and I hope to 'see' you all tomorrow!
  2. Judy - Gorgeous graph lapghan! I'm pretty sure it was you that offered me much advice on my first graphghan....and I love doing them Seeing the image form is just so satisfying! Diana - I love your variegated on the c2c! Sorry I've been MIA for a bit. Troy had to fix my computer due to crappy Windows 10! So, I've been filling in with my laptop and I just don't enjoy doing things on that so only kept up with what was necessary....meaning work. lol I started the last large wedge of my stained glass afghan It's coming along, slow but sure. I think I shared a pic of the golf club covers and golf towel I made Troy, but haven't started my own set yet. That's about it for now. I do have to add a baby blanket into the mix, my brother is having a girl in January. It's not much concern to me to really be 'on time' with it, so no hard deadline LOL.
  3. Good afternoon! Just popping in to say hi. Not too much going on here right now, which is nice I hope everyone feels better quickly! I agree about Windows 10....it's annoyingly insufficient Troy has to fix mine and my dad's every time there's an update Have a great hump day everyone
  4. Hi housemates, Our township moved trick or treat to tomorrow night. The city of Pittsburgh kept theirs last night, so my mom went over to my sisters to enjoy the kiddos. She'll come to our house tomorrow night, lol. They were calling for flash flooding in some areas, which is what prompted the change...in terms of safety. Otherwise, not much going on here. I hope everyone had a great week and that the weekend is even better!
  5. Good morning ladies. This whole week has just flown past! I'm really not sure where the time went! My neighborhood is having their little halloween parade this afternoon so I hope the rain holds out for them. I finished Troy's golf club covers and am now working on a towel to match his bag as well. Cindy - Glad to hear your mojo is back and you're feeling better. Enjoy your vacation. I love the stockings! They are super cute. So sad to hear about all those homes and the vulnerability the weather has created Mona - Enjoy the Harvest Fest today. Sounds like you are on top of your holiday WIP's Judy - I am using the same variegated that the pattern used. When I made the headband, I made it for a mother and toddler...it was really easy to make the 2 different sizes they needed Have a great weekend
  6. Good morning ladies! The week went quickly again! I have the PA Chiropractic Association's convention this weekend, so it'll be a quick weekend as well. But, I'll get the rest of the CE credits needed for the next license renewal Mona - Did you get your paperwork finished up before you had the grand's? Judy - Great that you GD already has an idea...that's so helpful sometimes! I found a golf club cover pattern that I am using as a guide, but doing a little differently I am using this pattern for the stained glass afghan.... https://www.yarnspirations.com/red-heart-stained-glass-afghan/RHC0502-025417M.html I've made this headband in two different size before that you might be able to work with... http://knots-thoughts.blogspot.com/2012/12/crochet-turban-headband-free-pattern.html
  7. Good afternoon ladies, Cindy - I hope you're feeling better by now! Brenda - The whole move sounds stressful to me! Sounds like you are doing well with it though Not too much going on around here, which is a good thing I need to make some golf club covers for dh. He has an outing next Thursday for work and conveniently has a set of golf clubs that my uncle gave him. (My uncle actually makes them). We got bags this past weekend (just because mine was 20 years old and needed to be replaced and he didn't have one). We still have to get him some shoes. I know many courses don't care if you were regular sneakers, but I don't know where he's going. I'm off to find a pattern to use Catch you all later in the week.
  8. Good morning!....Well, Afternoon now! lol Judy - gorgeous ghan! I love the colors Mary - I am currently working on a Stained Glass Window Afghan. My goal this year was to only finish WIP's...with the exception of things like baby gifts. I finished 1 or 2 others (plus a baby ghan) and have been working on this one for a while. It's all sc, which I think is why it's been sitting. When I looked on Ravelry...I bought the yarn for this in 2010! Yikes! My yarn night got cancelled the other since one of the girls had a migraine So, we just decided to reschedule until we're all available. And...that's about it. It should be a low key weekend! Super excited about that
  9. Good morning peeps I had a busy start to my work week, which is a good problem for me to have. lol Mary - Yes, Troy is primarily working from home and then going out for meetings and networking events. He has some kind of event today that is ALL day! He had to be at the convention center around 6:30am and will be there until about 8 tonight! That type of event is not the norm luckily. There was a meet and greet event last night at Heinz Field in relation to today's event. He got a tour of the facility and got to see all the locker rooms, he was a happy camper...and they got a Terrible Towel. lol Mona - I'm tired just hearing about your week! We had some family around for the weekend, so things were a bit busy here as well. But, not terrible. Tonight I'm meeting my girlfriends for 'yarn night' And going for a haircut during the day with my mom. Light day on tap, which will be nice. It'll give me time to catch up on some of the paperwork from the last 2 days! I hope you all have a great hump day
  10. Good morning ladies, Diana - My parents got a metal roof about 2 years ago and love it. They had it done by an Amish company and it looks great! Definitely a great way to go Mona - Enjoy your leftovers and give your shoulder a little TLC We've been in the 80's all week with ridiculous humidity...the kind that takes your breath away as soon as you open the door However, it is beautiful today with a high of the low to mid 60's for us! My perfect temp Have a great weekend everyone!
  11. Good morning house! Brenda - It sounds like things are coming along. It is quite a process to get settled! Just keep taking one thing at a time so you don't overwhelm yourself too much Cindy - My parents always say "I don't know how people get bored" They are busier now that they're retired than they were while they were working! My dad jokes that he needs to go back to work just to get a vacation! LOL Mona - I hope today is more relaxing for you! Judy - We are hot and humid today too But, I think it should start to cool down again on the weekend! Troy is loving his new job, but it's only his 3rd day....we'll see how he feels next month. It is definitely a change of pace for him, but I think it's going to be a great fit for him once he's settled and past all the onboarding and HR stuff that he has to take care of this week. As for me, all's well...not much to report on myself! lol
  12. Good morning house! This busy weekend is over! My older niece did not have to dance with her ex at the homecoming dance! Yay! And, my younger niece has a great time at her party Yesterday was a bit of a 'chill' day...or doing some things around the house We went out last night to see Sebastian Bach and he was great...hasn't lost his vocals. He has quite a silly personality too, which was fun. Troy has to conference calls today and one meeting. So, not too bad for a first day. One of the calls is an orientation call. The other was really just a sit in and listen call with his partner to get a feel for things. Have a great Monday!
  13. Good morning housemates! Another busy week! Troy ended up off this week and is starting his new job next week now. He is excited and nervous, but I know he'll be great! Monday he has orientation, which will be remotely from home. The convenience of working in the tech field! Last night was our high schools homecoming game and my niece was nominated, so we went to that. She got first runner up and was super excited since she didn't expect it at all. Our school does it really strangely...there were 55 nominees!!! Basically, they have 1 person to represent each club/sport/group and that person has to be on the board of that organization in order to be eligible. Kind of nice that it's not just the always popular kids that get everything....but, 55 is also kinda crazy! However, our Averie is Senior Class President. Tonight is their dance, and I guess that's when they'll announce the guys. She'll have to dance with the first runner up guy and she fears that it is going to be her ex-boyfriend! Fingers crossed that it's not, but she is a great person both inside and out so I know she'll be mature about it if it happens....and honestly, I think he would be as well. Just awkward for them is all. Today is another niece's 10th birthday party. We have to stop at WalMart on our way to pick her up a gift....nothing like last minute! Last weekend when I saw them, we got no direction on a gift. The invite included information about donation to a college fund set up for her in lieu of a gift. BUT, you can't show up to a 10 year old's birthday party without bringing something to open!!!! Ugh! Anyways, they were out this week shopping and she saw something she wanted and my sister in law wouldn't get it for her then text me a picture. lol We don't have a convenient WalMart, so on the way to the party it is! Not much for tomorrow, but in the evening we are going to a local club to see Sebastian Bach play. He was the lead singer for Skid Row. We are 80's rock people. lol I guess that about covers it! I hope everyone has wonderful weekend!
  14. Hello House! It's been busy. We had the pig roast at my parents house on Saturday and the last of the house guests headed out this morning after breakfast. I've been at the office since and Troy is home doing some housework. He has the week off and begins his new job next week! That pretty much consumed my life since the end of last week! lol Judy - Gorgeous ghan and I'm with Cindy...those ends look like a nightmare! My least favorite part of crocheting! Brenda - Sounds like you're getting settled finally
  15. Good afternoon! We had a good weekend and of course it went by too quickly! BUT, the deck is FINISHED!!!! A year later and the neighbors no longer have to look at it covered in tarps! lol Brenda - Wow, you had a long day on your anniversary...Happy Anniversary! I hope your closing goes week on Thursday. Judy - I did have a good time and met new crafters at the LYS, and I didn't buy anything...although I felt bad NOT buying something! Kennywood is an amusement park Shani - Welcome back from vacay. I'm glad you had a great time! Wow, you surely did cover a lot of ground! I took DH's car in for an oil change this morning and am now at work until about 6. Tomorrow I am running around with my mom and sister for lunch and shopping. We are having a pig roast on Saturday at my parents house, so that's the theme of the shopping trip. lol Have a great Monday everyone!
  16. Cindy, I forgot to mention that your Barbie clothes are amazing! And I think a pampering weekend will be wonderful. I hope SIL is doing well!
  17. Good morning ladies and happy Friday! The heat and humidity is back up here too! I was off yesterday, so I got the last bit of deck sanded that needed to be...Woohoo! I didn't have time to get the base coat of stain on it yet though (although it won't take long) and I don't see getting to it today either, unless Troy does it tonight after work. I'm going with a friend to a local yarn shop for a Sip n Stitch evening. We've not gone to one at this place yet and are excited to check it out. It seems like they get a lot of traffic and are doing well since opening just under 2 years ago. I've only made it over there once so far to check it out. I have so much yarn and don't need to buy any, not to mention that I just can't afford to use the expensive stuff. But, I'll probably feel like I should buy something tonight lol. Tomorrow we are going to Kennywood to get one last day in since their regular season ends this weekend. It'll be me, Troy and the moms. I'm hoping that we can get the deck finished on Sunday, but will have to wait and see if the weather will cooperate. Have a great weekend everyone. I probably won't be back until Monday afternoon.
  18. Good morning everyone! Not much to report on today, lol. It's a busy day at the office rewarded with yarn night tonight Yay! I hope everyone has a great Wednesday!
  19. Good morning house! I hope everyone had a great weekend! Mine was busy...I feel like they all are. Friday I didn't have patients, so I weeded the 2 sections of the yard that the previous owners have all sorts of plants through. They are really pretty and I don't know what much of it is, but something blooms at least every season. I do know that I have a few rose bushes and my MIL gets to prune those since she knows how lol Saturday I worked in the morning and then joined DH and my dad in sanding the decktop. Sunday we sanded more and thought we'd get the base coat of stain on after dinner, but it started to drizzle so we covered it up for the night. Yesterday I had a couple morning patients then met my parents at my house and got that base coat of stain down while my mom painted some spindles (we decided replacing the spindles was easier than sanding them all and not very expensive). Then was back at the office for more patients. Then met DH at the vet across the street with the turtles. One of them has been breathing through her mouth a lot and Google only scares you more saying it's a respiratory infection (none of the other symptoms present), which is apparently fatal to turtles! 😯 We brought the second one along just in case. The vet didn't think she has an RI, but did give her an injection of antibiotics and sent us home with an extra injection to give her on Saturday. If she doesn't improve, then he'll do blood work. But, he was fairly confident that there's not really much going on since there was no mucous and her mouth looked healthy. And now here we are today. I think I finally get a low key day! At the office now and I do have paperwork to get caught up from yesterday and banking to take care of as well in between patients. Oh, and DH got 2 job offers to compare He currently works at Bayer and after buying Monsanto they are closing the Pittsburgh location He actually likes working for them, so this is a bit hard for him. His director just went on a rant when DH filled him in. The director is super angry that Bayer wasn't offering any of their good employees the opportunity to continue working remotely. Oh well, their loss! It is what it is. At least he's very marketable since he's a computer IT guy. OK, I think that about covers it! Diana - Glad to hear that you dodged the worst of the storm and that your brother's house is on the mend from his issues! Love the eagles. Mary - Glad I could inspire your reorganization lol I think Knit the Bridge was about 6 years ago now! Wow, where does the time go??? Brenda - Great idea to take something out with you every time you leave. So much better than trying to do it all at once. Mona - I hope DH's appointments go well!
  20. Good afternoon everyone! Diana, stay safe! Not much going here today, it's an early quit for me today. I have to run over to the Apple store and see if there's anything they can do for my Apple TV...it won't power on and it's not that old either. Then I'm having yarn night with a couple of friends this evening! Yay!
  21. Good morning house! I got some hooking time in last night while we watched Children of the Corn! Dh wanted to watch it, I haven't seen it in years so I agreed. But next time, I think I'll retreat to my craft room....I much prefer Hallmark movies! lmao Mary - thanks! I'm glad to be back Brenda - I've always been intrigued by bonsai, but would not be a good bonsai parent I do LOVE puzzles....all sorts, lol. Cindy - I agree, an easy day does not include mowing or laundry! If the range was on our property, we'd probably be there several times a week...at least just to build a comfort level with it anyways. Mona - I love having leftovers Hopefully you get to graduate from Candy Land soon lol
  22. Good morning everyone! It sounds like we all had a good weekend. It was beautiful here Saturday and would have been a good day to work on our deck, but it was too busy. Troy and I signed up for an intro to shooting session at a local gun range. They offered it for free and then we each got an additional $50 in store credit to use. He's talked about it for a long time, and I've never been interested...I don't really like guns in any capacity. But, I figured if he wanted one in the house, then I should be educated more about guns in general and how it works...so I went with him. I did pretty well too once I got the hang of aiming. I would say the class definitely made me more comfortable with the idea. Then in the afternoon we took our mom's shopping and for hibachi dinner Sunday we had a cookout at my moms and the morning was rainy, so we couldn't do any deck work that day. Yesterday it also rained so we got some indoor things done and then went to a friend's house for a board game night. I usually just crochet and hang out since I'm not a huge game fan. Depends on the game...I generally like the mindless ones, but don't get into the ones with a lot of strategy. That's too much thinking! lol I hope you all have a great Tuesday!
  23. Good afternoon everyone! Just a quick check in before I leave the office. Yesterday was nice, so I finished the railing on the deck sanding and then got the first coat of stain over it Tonight dh and I are going to the Rib Fest for dinner and then a local band, The Clarks are playing there at 9 with a free show, so we'll stay for that as well since I like them Brenda - My mom and dh came with me to the viewing and we were all glad to have gone! I know it's already been really tough on my friend, so she definitely needs us now! Collette - So sorry to hear about your accident! I'm glad you're ok and hope you find a new car quickly. Judy - Gorgeous ghan....I think I have that book. I'd have to check, but I think Joanne gave it to me, lol. I likely will not be back until Tuesday....unless I turn on the computer at home, lol. Have a wonderful Labor Day Weekend everyone!
  24. Good afternoon everyone! Diana - Beautiful c2c, I love the colors Mona - I hope today is better than yesterday for you I have a light day at the office and then have an almost 2 hour drive to just outside of Cleveland tonight for a viewing. My dear friend's father passed away on Sunday evening. They were from Erie, but moved out there last year to be near the Cleveland Clinic after he started to decline with ALS It's still hard, even when you know it's coming. Aside from that, not much else going on. Tomorrow I hope to get some more work on the deck done, I think the weather is supposed to be...non-rainy. lol.
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